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What I Learned as a Solo Traveler

Posted by Francesca Loomis on November 17, 2015

This past fall I embarked on my first bike tour of Croatia. I have traveled to many corners of the world - Germany, Austria, Netherlands - but never solo and for a group travel experience. I had everything laid out in preparation for my journey across the world - flight, ground transportation, SIM card, contact information - yet, I still felt a pit in my stomach and something telling me that I should just stay home. "Why am I so nervous?" I thought to myself...

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Bucket List Destination: Costa Brava

Posted by Rosa Bleta on November 10, 2015

Catalonia, Spain has mild winters and long summers, and it is the most popular tourist region, perfect for everyone: adventure and nature lovers, foodies, families, city goers, and cyclists. It is known for its spectacular sandy beaches, fabulous hotels and resorts, 360 miles of breathtaking coastline, world-class gastronomy (more than 300 wineries, and 50 Michelin-star restaurants), amazing architecture and beautifully preserved monuments. 

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What Makes a Top Cycling Guide?

Posted by Francesca Loomis on November 05, 2015

A guide plays a pivotal role in making any travel experience the most memorable/unforgettable it can be. Making a personal connection with your guide, building group camaraderie, sharing local secrets and encouraging personal growth will all contribute to the "footprint" your travels have on the rest of your life.

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7 Easy Steps: How to Get Through TSA Airport Security in 15 Minutes

Posted by Francesca Loomis on October 28, 2015

Oh, the dreaded TSA line. It's the last thing that stands between you and your flight. As a frequent traveler, I've spent a lot of time at airports and standing in line. With all this time waiting, I've noticed that people are constantly making the same mistake. Through careful observation and testing it myself, I've come up with a few simple strategies on how to get through the TSA security line as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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13 Essential Tips for Surviving the Airport

Posted by Francesca Loomis on October 18, 2015

You booked your tour and it's been confirmed. Your trip is months away so you purchase your flight. Before you know it, you're one week away from departing and you realize you should probably start packing. It's the night before departing and you're scurrying around last-minute to find your passport, converter, and whatever item you previously thought you didn't need but now you're not sure so you pack it anyways.

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Ciclismo's Mediterranean Island Hopping Tour was the Catalyst for our Love Affair with Corsica

Posted by Guest Blogger on October 15, 2015

By Jay Jacobson

Originally posted on 1/6/2010: As someone who has traveled to about 100 countries (and cycled in over 50 of them!) I am frequently asked “What is your favorite place to bike?” I am hard pressed to come up with a venue I enjoyed more than Corsica. It epitomizes the Mediterranean region. Although it is now part of France, it represents a fusion of French, Italian and Corsican cultures, history, languages, terrain, cuisine and love of cycling.

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Announcing New Bike Tours in France, Italy and Spain

Posted by Francesca Loomis on October 12, 2015

As the pioneers in active vacations of Italy and Europe since 1989, we are proud to announce our new 2016 bike tours in France, Italy and Spain. These tours were carefully crafted by our dedicated trip specialists and Top Guides who have decades of experience in designing award-winning adventure travel itineraries. We are proud to bring you another year of the best bike touring itineraries that take you on the road less traveled for a full cultural experience. Andiamo! Let's Go!

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Staff Picks: Rosa Bleta, Pt. 1

Posted by Rosa Bleta on October 07, 2015

As a Francophile, I always think about my travels in France, to old memories, and, of course, I can't wait for my next Ciclismo Classico bike tour: Loire Valley, where I'll  create new memories and amazing moments with my family and friends. There is no better way to explore and experience the Loire Valley than by bike.

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My First Bike Tour: Pedaling Croatia's Istrian Peninsula

Posted by Francesca Loomis on October 02, 2015

Croatia has been an independent country since 1991, yet it remains relatively undiscovered and visited. The first question that many ask when you tell them you're going to Croatia is "Where is that?" So, why does this little country with white sandy beaches perched along the Adriatic Sea, tucked between Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, still remain an undiscovered territory for many travelers? Let's take a look.

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Posted by Francesca Loomis on September 10, 2015

The best part of our job is to hear your stories from the road, whether it was a guide who helped celebrate your special moment (anniversary, birthday, etc), or if you experienced something new for the first time. We're inviting past and current Ciclismo Classico alumni to share their fondest memories and experiences through our social media.

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