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5 places in France you need to visit.

People who travel to France have their ‘top’ lists: the Effiel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris; the palace of Versailles or the holiday markets in Strasbourg. Many of Ciclismo Classico’s trips to France uncover places you didn’t know belong on your ‘top’ list. So when planning your next bike trip to France, here are 5 places you made not have heard of but definitely want to see:

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20 Fantastic Photos to Inspire You to Go to Patagonia!


Stretches You Can Do Before Cycling Long Distances

When done correctly, stretching helps cyclists prepare for touring long distances. By demonstrating proper form, you’re able to protect yourself from injury and remove tension from your muscles before a long day of riding. One of the best ways to learn technique is by reading a book on the subject but we will introduce you to a few stretches you can try before cycling with us.

20 Fantastic Photos to Inspire You to Go to Northwest, Argentina!

Most of my journies begin with a photograph. I see a place in a magazine or on the web, it touches a cord and suddenly, a litte voice says, "Wow, I gotta go there! That is how my love affair with Northwest Argentina began. It all started with a photograph of a spectacular multi-colored mountain range in Northwest Argentina called Serranía de Hornocal. As a lover of places, I just had to find out more, go there and meet Ossian Lindholm, the visionary photographer who had taken this stunning shot. I started learning more about Northwest, Argentina and experience the variety of amazing scenery as captured by Ossian's expert and passionate eye. I spent two weeks in this photographer's paradise and captured hundreds of stunning images myself. Over many bottles of Torrontes wine and savory empanada, we created the world's first photography and fine wine tour that takes place in the heart of the Andes mountains called, Andean Vision & Vine that was the winner of National Geographic's 2014 Trip of the Year. 

This Is What Makes Our 'Tuscany Green' Bike Tour So Special

Since 1996, the young and vibrant Tuscan dynamic duo, Elisa Cucini and Alessandro “Sandro” Draghi (who’s been a Ciclismo tour guide since 2007), have been running a medieval grain mill and farm in Tuscany converted into an agriturismo (agricultural farm-stay) located near Siena.

Vintage Cycling and Delicious Wine in Tuscany

Every year, Ciclismo Classico joins the spectacular L’Eroica event on day 8 of our Tuscany & L'Eroica trip. The ride starts and ends in the historic piazza of Gaiole in Chianti, where you’ll ride with more than 7,000 other cyclists experiencing the thrill of L’Eroica.

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