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Colors of Spring

Spring is in the air! We can just about taste it. Let's have a look at what's blooming and cooking this Spring in Italy and France. This is our most favorite time of year to celebrate new life, abundance, freshness, renewal---all bursting in big, bright and bold colors.

Let's take a sneak preview of what's in store for you this Spring on some of our best of-colors-of-Spring trips. 

Part III: More Forever Young Guests

The stories continue to pour in. This week we'll read about the FOREVER YOUNG journeys of two special (multiple trip) past guests who are over 60 and still humming! The sharing of these stories continues to enlighten us with real life accounts of the benefits of riding, affirming that it keeps us young and only inspires us to do more!

Guide Reflections: Sicilian Colors

I recently had the special opportunity to chat with Peppe Esposto, Ciclismo Classico guide and native of Sicily. The focus of our chat was Sicily in the Springtime with her glorious, bright palette on display!

Read on to learn more about Peppe's passion and love for Sicily through his colorful tales.

2017 Top Guide Tours & Their Wows

All of our Top Guide trips have something in common: they are led by wholeheartedly passionate people with years of experience and an in-depth knowledge and excitement about their most treasured places. So, whether it’s a tour through Liguria & Toscana with Massimo De Laurentiis, Bike Across England with Enrico Pizzorni, or the special edition Tuscany & Eroica with Sandro Draghi and Marcello Bonini--you are sure to be “wowed” by all.

NEW! Meet-A-Guide Webinar Series

We are thrilled to launch a brand NEW series of upcoming webinars entitled Meet-A-Guide. Join us as we revel in the knowledge of our expert team of guides who will be sharing the highlights and delights of the Ciclismo Classico tours they know and love best. Next up: Tuscany on January 18th with Top Guide Sandro Draghi. Special savings on trips for all webinar attendees!

2017 Staff Picks & Insider Wows

Over the years, both on and off the bike, Ciclismo Classico guests would inevitably ask me the question: “So, what is your favorite trip?”

We’re diving head first into 2017 with great enthusiasm and giddiness about many of our trips. But we thought it might be fun to share a real "insider" view of things.  So we asked the Ciclismo Classico Team: “What is your favorite trip? And, can you name one WOW moment on that trip?”

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