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What is Slow Food?

Posted by Francesca Loomis on February 29, 2016

One day at the very beginning of my career with Ciclismo I was reading one of our itineraries and came upon a term I had never heard or seen before: Slow Food. I read another itinerary and there it was again!

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Topics: agriturismo, slow food

Most Romantic European Hotels

Posted by Francesca Loomis on February 02, 2016

February is passion month, and we're celebrating by bringing you a list of the most romantic European hotels. When you go on a bike tour with Ciclismo Classico, you'll be staying at carefully selected hotels that provide the perfect complement to riding, dining, and other activities. From cozy inns and guesthouses to medieval castles and monasteries, we’ve chosen lodgings for their local flavor and charm as well as for their amenities and convenience.

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Topics: Bike Tours, Hotels, Accommodations, Rest and Relaxation

5 Reasons to Visit Sardinia

Posted by Simone Scalas on January 27, 2016

Ciclismo Classico guide Simone Scalas defines himself as a curious person who most enjoys life when he has the opportunity to discover something new, from an unfamiliar author to an unexpected sunset. Simone lives in the seaside village of Pula in southwestern Sardinia, about half an hour from the island’s main city, Cagliari. 

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Topics: Bike Tours, wine, Sardinia

Everything You've Always Wondered About Italian Cheek Kissing

Posted by Francesca Loomis on January 20, 2016

When traveling to Italy, the most important thing you need to know (other than how to order coffee), is the Italian greeting. And no, I'm not talking about common Italian phrases, I'll save that for another time. I'm talking about il bacio (the kiss) or il saluto (the greeting). Who would have thought that this common gesture - the cheek kiss - could cause so much anxiety and confusion, and often lead to some awkward encounters?

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Topics: Italy, Greeting, Il Bacio, Il Saluto

Benefits of Traveling During Holidays & Ways to Enjoy Them

Posted by Guest Blogger on January 12, 2016

The New Year will be here in the blink of an eye. Have you already started dreaming about where you’d like to travel in 2016? When you have limited vacation days, combining them with paid holidays makes a lot of sense. Including a paid holiday in your travel time reduces the number of precious vacation days you have to use.

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Topics: Bike Tours, Holidays

Ditch the Bucket List and Invest in New Experiences

Posted by Joe Luchison on January 06, 2016

When we enter into a new year, we celebrate, we relax, we reflect, we plan with a new found introspective. We often say, “out with the old, in with the new”. 

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Topics: Bike Tours, New Year

It's Here! The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists

Posted by Francesca Loomis on December 17, 2015

We all have that one friend, family member, or co-worker that is obsessed with their bike. Road, mountain, hybrid... you name it, they have 3 of each. With the holidays around the corner, you might be thinking about what to get the cycling enthusiast in your life, and we're here to ease the process and make holiday shopping a blast.

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Topics: Holidays, Christmas, Gift Guide

Your Complete Guide to the Italian Caffè

Posted by Francesca Loomis on December 07, 2015

Many claim that espresso is the Italian drink. And like everything the Italians do, the preparation of this sacred drink should not be taken lightly. That's why when you travel to Italy, you must have un caffè. What is it about this tiny cup of coffee that makes everyone go wild?

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Topics: Bike Tours, Italy, Bialetti, Coffee, Espresso, Moka Express

What I Learned as a Solo Traveler

Posted by Francesca Loomis on November 17, 2015

This past fall I embarked on my first bike tour of Croatia. I have traveled to many corners of the world - Germany, Austria, Netherlands - but never solo and for a group travel experience. I had everything laid out in preparation for my journey across the world - flight, ground transportation, SIM card, contact information - yet, I still felt a pit in my stomach and something telling me that I should just stay home. "Why am I so nervous?" I thought to myself...

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Topics: Bike Tours, Croatia, Solo Travel

Bucket List Destination: Costa Brava

Posted by Rosa Bleta on November 10, 2015

Catalonia is Spain's most independent-minded region, boasting its own identity and language dating back to the middle ages. Now, Catalonia is the most popular tourist region with its Blue Flag beaches, fabulous hotels and resorts, 360 miles of breathtaking coastline, world-class gastronomy (more than 300 wineries, and 50 Michelin-star restaurants), amazing architecture and beautifully preserved monuments. 

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Topics: Bike Tours, Costa Brava, Top Guide Tour, Spain, Catalonia

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