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From expert advice on all things cycling to the latest and greatest of Ciclismo Classico bike tours, La Piazza has got you covered!

Top Guide Enrico Pizzorni & The Giro

Enrico Pizzorni has spent the Winter pouring over maps and routes sorting out the zillions of details related to designing our Follow the Giro d'Italia tour departing in May. In this interview Enrico reminisces about The Grand Italian Race and how he experienced this important annual event growing up in a small Northern Italian village. Read on as he shares many enlightening and heart-warming Giro stories!

Guide Eccellenza

It takes motion to create excellence. In Italian: eccellenza. And our exceptional tour guides are not only active but taking action--on each and every trip--to deliver nothing less than excellence.

We know that our guides raise the standard. They have a standard of perpetual motion, outdoing self to the next level each and every day on tour – and that has become the Ciclismo Classico standard of excellence:

Go beyond the norm; be distinguishable; and be excellent.

Swimming with Sea Lions

Feeling Forever Young in The Soul Stirring Galapagos

This past summer I fulfilled a life-long dream of traveling to the Galapagos Islands and witnessing up close a myriad of amazing birds and sea creatures. Scouting our Galapagos Magic journey, I enjoyed 8 days on our small luxury boat La Beluga, peacefully immersed in these magical islands and surrounded by creatures who were not afraid to wander or swim near me and say "hello." It was beyond my wildest imagination. 

Photo Tours, Galapagos

Cycling Discoveries in Bermuda

Last November, I had the pleasure of accompanying our first group of travelers on our long-weekend cycling escape to Bermuda. The group was made up of four "first-timers" and four who were on their second bike trip of the year. Only a 2-hour flight from Boston, this island-nation is a true gem in the sub-tropical Atlantic whose beauty and charm created a long-lasting surprise-and-delight effect on those visiting for the first time. It has the same effect on me every time I return!

Bike Tours, Islands, Bermuda

Ceri & Other Festivals Across Italy

Our Bike Across Italy trip stops in the most incredible villages, including Gubbio, where every spring they celebrate the lively, colorful Festival dei Ceri. Read more here about this illustrious event happening during our May 2017 trip--and other Spring festivals across Central Italy.

Best of Forever Young

We took a look at our four-part series "Forever Young" and came up with a list of favorite top trips that had been taken by many of our youthful (over 60 years of age) guests. There were many that came up again and again. Have a look at this cool round-up we are calling our "BEST OF Forever Young" trips.

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