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The Different Types of Photo Shots You Take While Traveling

Carnaval in Gran Canaria

In Gran Canaria, Carnaval is a colorful, annual celebration taking place throughout the island every early February to early March. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnaval is one of the oldest, most deeply rooted and unique festivals of the Canary Islands capital. For over five centuries the city has celebrated with masquerading, merrymaking and flesh!

Post-Tour Reflections: Mallorca

Ciclismo Classico Guide Umberto Cena reflects on our final Fall 2016 tour in Mallorca:

There are some critical differences between Mallorca and the Spanish mainland including the fact that the climate provides absolutely perfect weather conditions for Ciclismo Classico’s fabulous tour which runs fin early Spring and late Fall. The Balearic Islands stay warmer for longer/later in the year than on the peninsula/mainland. Mallorca--a long standing famous Winter cyclist training destination--is also just pure cycling paradiso.

A List of Questions to Ask Yourself in Your Travel Journal

A travel journal makes the perfect souvenir after a bicycle tour. It reminds you of the good times that you’ve had visiting other countries and meeting other cyclists from around the world. It becomes a part of your personal history, chronicling your experiences as time progresses. To remember specific details of your trip requires a quick walk down memory lane by opening up the pages of your journal.

Things To Consider When Planning Your Bicycle Tour

If you’ve never gone on a bicycle tour before, it’s time that you did. In order to prepare for the occasion, you’ve got to be well aware of what’s ahead of you. To give you an idea of what goes into planning a bicycle tour, we’ve decided to write a blog educating you on the Ciclismo Classico process.

8 Reasons to Signup Now for Your Next Bike Tour

1. Elections are over and we need a vacation!

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