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2 Awesome Summer Family Trips: Sardinia & Tuscany

Posted by Carol Sicbaldi


My youngest son who recently turned 11 years-old has this great habit of rating things on a scale of 1-10. He’ll rate anything from the pain level of his latest minor basketball injury to my homemade pasta dish at dinner or a weekend family Tuscan hike. He even rates our family vacations. On one of our recent trips in the Italian Alps his rating actually toppled off the charts. “Mamma, this trip couldn’t have been any better, I didn’t want it to end. I rate it a 14 out of 10.”

After a family vacation, what do you---or better yet your kids---often remember? It’s probably not the frantic packing the night before or the bickering in the backseat. It’s witnessing your son experience a once in a lifetime moment. It’s the joy of watching your spouse and daughter laugh until they cry. It’s watching them communicate with ease as they kick a soccer ball around the piazza with some local Italian boys. It’s about the priceless memories you have gained that you will cherish---and reminisce about, for years to come.

That is why we travel with our family.

“As my 11-year-old son Daniel put it, ‘Mamma, this trip couldn’t

have been any better, I didn’t want it to end.

I rate it a 14 out of 10.'”

But every family is unique. Some families are drawn to water and destinations that include relaxing by the pool and opportunities to swim in the sea. Others crave foodie experiences, non-stop adventure or more. No matter your preference, we have a couple of exciting family tour options lined up for you this Summer specifically designed to make sure you and yours have an unforgettable vacation.


Fun in the Sardinian Sun

On this active adventure in Sardinia you and your family will experience traditions and cultures you won’t find anywhere else. The island of Sardinia if perfect for the family looking for something a bit more exotic and off the beaten--and eaten--path.

Highlights include:

  • Peaceful pedaling along the tranquil Mediterranean Sea
  • Experience spectacular coastal views
  • Savor luscious, fresh tomato focaccia and amazing seafood
  • Feasts with cool, crisp white wines
  • Stays at charming seaside hotels and enchanting country inns
  • Discover Sardinian culture and Roman and Phoenician remnants
  • Multi-sport activities on tour including snorkeling, swimming and canoeing





Tuscan Fantasy

Our Tuscan Fantasy trip goes beyond farm-to-table. This is one of our Tuscan bike tour vacations most attuned to the needs of those with kids - and even grandparents! You’ll spend six glorious nights at your “home away from home,” Agriturismo Il Molinello, a family-run farm-stay perfect for families with children of all ages. Whether it’s taking part in olive oil tastings or learning how to make pizza (including the sourcing of all your own ingredients), there’s plenty to do at the farmstead. And there’s much for the teens and children to do outside as well—whether it’s playing with the local kids, digging their own vegetable garden, or exploring the Tuscany bike routes in the soft rolling hills surrounding this gorgeous agriturismo.

Highlights include:

  • Accommodation in a 14th century mill and farmhouse
  • Learn the art of simple and sustainable living
  • All meals made with locally sourced ingredients
  • Easy riding, with local guides, along the many surrounding Tuscany bike routes
  • A scavenger hunt in Siena with other Italian kids and visit a Contrada Museum
  • Pizza making lesson with Nonno Mauro
  • Create a small vegetable garden with Guido, Sandro’s son, and Nonno Mauro
  • Italian lessons with Emma, Sandro’s daughter
  • Visit the terracotta museum in Petroio
  • Visit Adventure Park Saltalbero, and the spa and natural springs, of Rapolano Terme
  • Soccer match with locals





Written by Carol Sicbaldi

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