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From expert advice on all things cycling to the latest and greatest of Ciclismo Classico bike tours, La Piazza has got you covered!

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Live from the Road: Bike Across Italy #ciclismoclassico2017

You could say that Ciclismo super-alum Matt M. from San Francisco did a takeover of our Facebook feed when he posted his real-time account of our Bike Across Italy tour that began on June 8. Matt's eye for photography, passion for riding and determined spirit shine through in his story of the first six days of the 11-day journey from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean.

Matt and the rest of the gang were under the stellar leadership of Top Guides Marcello Bonini and Andrea Vitali.

The Different Types of Photo Shots You Take While Traveling

Traveling by bicycle provides you with plenty of opportunities to take photos. As you pedal the days away, you’ll see things that interest you and that you want to share with your family and friends back home.

A List of Questions to Ask Yourself in Your Travel Journal

A travel journal makes the perfect souvenir after a bicycle tour. It reminds you of the good times that you’ve had visiting other countries and meeting other cyclists from around the world. It becomes a part of your personal history, chronicling your experiences as time progresses. To remember specific details of your trip requires a quick walk down memory lane by opening up the pages of your journal.

Things To Consider When Planning Your Bicycle Tour

If you’ve never gone on a bicycle tour before, it’s time that you did. In order to prepare for the occasion, you’ve got to be well aware of what’s ahead of you. To give you an idea of what goes into planning a bicycle tour, we’ve decided to write a blog educating you on the Ciclismo Classico process.

Five Ways You’re Missing Out If You’re Not Traveling by Bike

If you’re looking for a way to add excitement to your life, travel will do it for you. Not only will you see things you’ve never seen before, you’ll experience things that are beyond your comprehension, too. If you love riding a bicycle and haven’t explored the option of touring by bike, you’re in for a treat. There’s something to be said about traveling by the power of your own two feet.

How to Start a Travel Blog and Share Your Latest Adventures

After traveling by bicycle, you may want to share your experience with others through the creation of a blog. If you haven’t had a chance to explore your options, now is the time to do so. There are many choices to consider when building and hosting a blog. Some are free and require no coding. Others cost a certain amount per month or year and may require coding skills.

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