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Lauren Hefferon

Lauren Hefferon

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Guide to the Picture-Perfect Trip

As spring and summer approaches our urge to explore and travel grows.  If you enjoy capturing the world with your smart phone or digital camera, I'd like to share some of my favorite photo and visual resources to inspire and guide you towards photographic opportunities and taking better pictures and invite you to join us on a Travel Vision Journey in 2017.

20 Photos to Inspire You to Go to Sardinia

Enjoy this photo essay about one of the most captivating islands in the world! I am delighted to introduce you to Sardinian photographer Alessandro Carboni, who poetically brings his native island alive with his stunning photos.


A Cyclist's Guide to iPhone Photography

Lauren Hefferon, Owner/Founder and creative genius behind Ciclismo Classico, has always had a passion and a distinctive eye for color, design, illustration and visuals. Her talent in these areas goes above and beyond the norm and both Ciclismo Classico and Travel Vision Journeys have reaped great benefits from her never-ending talents, passion, creative expression and photography.

Make a Difference by Taking a Vacation

In our fragile world, your photography and your travel dollars make a difference. Photo travelers help save the puma, the jaguar, and many other beautiful creatures and places, because our tourism dollars help local conservation efforts and our photos communicate that animals and beautiful places matter. Your camera is not only your passport to the world, it is a tool that you can use to help protect our planet.

Argentina, Photo Tours, Wildlife, Galapagos

20 Fantastic Photos to Inspire You to Go to Patagonia!

I am still glowing and overwhelmed with wonder and joy from one of the most amazing landscape and nature experiences of my life: co-leading our new Best of Patagonia in Argentina & Chile with native Argentinian photographer and naturalist, Ossian Lindholm.

Travel Vision Journeys Photo Tours, Patagonia, Photography, Wildlife Photography, Ossian Lindholm

20 Fantastic Photos to Inspire You to Go to Northwest, Argentina!

Most of my journeys begin with a photograph. I see a place in a magazine or on the web, it touches a cord and suddenly a litte voice says, "Wow, I gotta go there!" That is how my love affair with Northwest Argentina began. 

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