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Zoom In On Tuscany

Posted by Carol Sicbaldi

tuscanycypressby alessandrobellucci.jpg

As long-time Ciclismo Classico guide, photography on tour has always been considered, in part, a key aspect of my job. Especially in the last decade with the important role of social media. But for some guides, this task or added creative element can be a challenge if capturing or documenting the moment doesn't come to you naturally. Others, like me, embrace this part of the job. Living in Tuscany—close to our Italian base and in the thick of our many thrilling Tuscany tours—I feel this is a gift.

I'd like to share a few photos of this special place.

photo above by Alessandro Bellucci

I’ll admit, I led tours for years before the desire and passion to document or photograph fully kicked in. And once it did, I was unstoppable. Some of my (her)story includes studying film at Boston College and then immediately on to the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where I delved into photography in a much deeper way. For me, post-uni was all about work and study in film and photography, until a few years later I discovered adventure travel could actually be an occupation. By delving into that work, I unknowingly put aside some of the photo-documenting, film, and visually-oriented passions. The two passions didn’t meld together in a harmonious way in that moment or at first glance, as the travel field guide work required more immediate physical training, study and focus on developing other skills.

Years later, while living in Italy and later moving to Tuscany, I discovered that there is no better medium for me than photography to express myself creatively and to capture the Tuscan beauty all around me. Also, it’s the medium I love most as an additional expression or way to share this stunning, glorious Italian/Tuscan world in which I live. And, well... there is a lot to share.

For example, I'm a big fan of passionate producers and their stories:


Luigi and Silvia, winemakers/owners at Castello di Verrazzano winery in Chianti

The nature in Tuscany still blows my mind everyday. The landscapes I am surrounded by are truly amazing and of course change with seasons and the light. Our Tuscany Green and Heart of Tuscany trips pass through the wonderful Crete Senesi lanscapes offering vast, wide open views. It's verdant in the springtime and earthy, golden in late summer and fall.


Late summer in Val d'Orcia 



 Vineyards and irises in May


Chianti Rooster



Tuscan Grain Mill (detail)



Italian beauties at the Tuscan Sea



Quiet moments in Asciano (Tuscany Green)



Morning light near Siena



Water break in the piazza on our Assaggio Toscana trip


Written by Carol Sicbaldi

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