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Guide to the Picture-Perfect Trip

Posted by Lauren Hefferon

As spring and summer approaches our urge to explore and travel grows.  If you enjoy capturing the world with your smart phone or digital camera, I'd like to share some of my favorite photo and visual resources to inspire and guide you towards photographic opportunities and taking better pictures and invite you to join us on a Travel Vision Journey in 2017.

Enjoy my photo tips & favorite photography websites:

1. My favorite photographers: If you want to take better photos or just want to be inspired by the beauty in our world,  I recommend following any of the following artists whose photographs are also making a difference in celebrating cultures & promoting conservation.

Ossian LindholmArte Wolfe, Alison Wright, Sebastian SelgadoPeter Turnley, Daisy Gilardini,   Alessandro Carboni, Jon HollowayBrian Skerry, Cristina Mittemeir


2. Best travel camera: In addition to my IPHONE 7, I recommend the Panasonic Lumix Line of mirrorless cameras. I have the LX100 which is a fixed lens and the G8 which allows interchangeable lenses. Pratically the same bang and quality as a full frame DSR at half the weight and price.

3. My Top 3 favorite places to photograph: While every place I travel offers opportunities and inspiration, here are three of my favorite destinations whose mountains, seascapes, wildlife and culture offer me extraordinary inspirartional visual inspiration: Salta, Argentina,  Patagonia, Chile,  The Galapagos. 


4. The top ten IPHONE photo aps: Subscribe to the IPHONE photography school's newsletter and like them on facebook--great stuff. Enjoy my cyclist's guide to IPHONE photography.

5. Best program to store and edit your photos: Hands down the best for basic to advanced editing and storage is Lightroom. It it s a very robust program but very common and easy to find classes and experts who can help you learn. Try an online class with Creative Live to get your started.

6. Best places to share your photos:  Sharing your photos not only allows you to record your travels, through their likes, your fans will tell you what their favorite photos are thereby helping you refine your style and vision. To start, follow on Instagram,  Facebook and Flickr. Set up your own page as they are the easiest places to get started. If you want to try building your own web site, try SmuggmuggPhotoshelter or Nat Geo Your Shot.


7. Photobook website: Since people are printing their photos less and less, there has been a surge of platforms that allow you to create a book from your favorite travel photos. I think every trip merits a Blurb Book.

8. Online photo equipment store:  Hunts Camera & Video. If you live in New England you can even enjoy Hunts many courses and events. If not, they offer excellent deals and very personal service.

9. Online Magazines for photographers: Outdoor Photographer, Lens Culture.

10. Top reasons to consider a photography tour for your next travel adventure.


11. Photography Organizations:  These are the oganizations I recommend joining to network and learn!  NANPA (North America Nature Photograhy Association , International League of Conservation Photographers. If you want to find local people who share your photo passion, try finding a local Meetup Groups like my Photo Walks and Adventures.


12. Photogaphy Schools and Online Classes: Creative Live, Digital Photography School, Maine Media Workshops (join me here in June), Santa Fe Workshops (join me here in Ocotober).

Questions? Have your own tips and website to share? Please email me at lauren@travelvisionjourneys.com or call 617-640-4837.

I hope to see you soon in 2017 on a Travel Vision Journey!



Written by Lauren Hefferon

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