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Newly Added Dates in Puglia & Piedmont

Posted by Carol Sicbaldi


Guests love our Puglia and Piedmont tours so much that we added two more dates to our La Bella Puglia schedule along with a new, mid-summer date to the Piedmont: Barolo & Truffles calendar.

Read on for more about two of Italy's most sought-after cycling routes.


BASI Day 3-4, Puglia Day7-8 Matera Sextanio-7.jpg

With an exceptional itinerary in Puglia, we take our guests on a journey through a very special region of Southern Italy where most people still live off the land. Thanks to its porous but mineral-rich limestone soil, proximity to the sea and hot summer months, this is also where Italy's most delicious food is produced: big, fat, purple and green figs, long stems of velvet-red tomatoes, bunches of herbs still dusted with salt from the air, artichokes that thrive in sandy coastal fields, and peppers so sweet they are served as a sort of pudding at the end of a feast. Puglia is rustic and bountiful! We spend the last few nights in magical Matera, recently awarded 2019 European Capital of Culture. Even actor Richard Gere says: "Matera is a very special place." Best to see it before the rest of the world does. And word is spreading fast.

La Bella Puglia 2017:

April 24-May 2

New September 11-19

New September 26-October 7






In Piedmont, our extensive team of native piemontese guides is gearing up for another exciting season in the exquisite land of Barbera, Barbaresco and Barolo wines, white and black truffles, bagna cauda (a warm garlic sauce), tarjarin (thin tagliatelle) agnolotti (local ravioli), veal sausages, and topped off with fruit gelati--to die for. Trip Specialist and Guide Manager Enrico Pizzorni shares, “Gelateria Canelin in Acqui Terme is our best cycling recovery snack stop for enjoying killer fresh fruit-based gelati. The owner, Paolo Porta makes the best hazelnut torrone in the region - the recipe has been a close-kept secret for generations. Unfortunately he has no offspring to carry on the legacy. Such a pity!"

This trip is gorgeous any time of year and we have a great line-up of dates available to enjoy this in-demand foodie destination.

Piedmont: Barolo & Truffles

We have added more space, and you can choose from dates in a season that suits you: spring, summer or fall:

May 29-June 5

June 12-June 19

New July 1-8

August 28-September 4

September 25-October 2: harvest tour!


Written by Carol Sicbaldi

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