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From expert advice on all things cycling to the latest and greatest of Ciclismo Classico bike tours, La Piazza has got you covered!

La Bella Puglia: Guide Reflections

Just back from a gorgeous, bright and sunny Spring week in stunning Puglia, Ciclismo Classico guides Paolo Nicolosi and Massimo Marenco share some of their most favorite, memorable--and delicious--stories about La Bella Puglia

Are those two of the best smiles you've ever seen?

Fall Foodie Fever: Catch It!

A huge highlight on every Ciclismo Classico bike trip is making your biggest and best foodie fantasies come alive! We believe that every interaction with food and libations should whet your appetite and peak your curiosity. Our infamous evening feasts offer a generous variety of local specialties—all made with only the finest and freshest ingredients. There are no exceptions to this rule. We want you to relax, laugh and reflect on the day’s adventure while savouring your taglierini pasta in Piedmont and sipping the finest Barolo. Not only that, but we include at least one special cooking lesson or demo---to bring you up-close and in the kitchen---on every one of our trips.

Read more about 3 of our top favorite Fall foodie trips. Buon Appetito!

Top Guides in Gran Canaria

As Ciclismo Classico staff member Lauren Lasky says: "Cycling Gran Canaria is simply an enchanting experience. Where else in the world can you hop on your bike from under a grove of palm trees and spin along the edge of a volcanic crater in the middle of the sea?"

We're excited to announce a very special, festive Top Guide tour with Henrick Murphy and Massimo Marenco departing December 4, 2017.

Wine, Cheese, Gold & Festivals in Piedmont

We have a long standing love relationship with the beloved region of Piedmont.

I have these vivid memories of driving through the vine-clad hills of Piedmont researching routes with La Lorena and our local guide, Claudio. On most days, after driving around for hours to find the best cycling roads possible, Lauren would get restless and eager to get out on her bike. She’d typically jump out of the car, onto the saddle and off she’d go up and over the lovely Piemontese landscape, meeting up with us in some town or village further along the way...

6 Things That Make Springtime in Italy a Renaissance

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining our European guide team in Italy for our annual meeting to kick off the touring season. After three days of joyful reconnecting, thought-provoking sessions on tour innovation, marketing, and an invigorating team ride through the rolling hills of Valdarno, we are more ready now than ever to welcome guests to experience the new and fresh energy that will permeate every Ciclismo Classico tour in 2017.

We Cycle in Some of the Healthiest Places on Earth

Bloomberg recently published the Bloomberg Global Health Index of 163 countries, and that's right: Our beloved Italy tops the list. It's the healthiest place on earth! Take a look at eight of our gorgeous top cycling destinations that were included in Bloomberg's top 50.

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