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Swimming with Sea Lions

Posted by Joe Luchison

Feeling Forever Young in The Soul Stirring Galapagos


This past summer I fulfilled a life-long dream of traveling to the Galapagos Islands and witnessing up close a myriad of amazing birds and sea creatures. Scouting our Galapagos Magic journey, I enjoyed 8 days on our small luxury boat La Beluga, peacefully immersed in these magical islands and surrounded by creatures who were not afraid to wander or swim near me and say "hello." It was beyond my wildest imagination. 

Here I experienced nature and animals as I never have before and yes I felt like a little kid again—curious, smiling, laughing, playful and far, far away from my serious and busy adult world. It all started on day one when I was swimming in a bay and felt a touch on my leg. I turned around and before my eyes and within arms reach was a seal with its big brown eyes and adorable whiskers staring me in the face, wanting to play. So play I did. He disappeared and I dove underwater in search of my new friend, twirling around in a lame human attempt to mimic his graceful sea dance. The seal then grazed me with his flipper and I was ecstatic!  I popped out of the water and screamed with delight to my new traveling friends in the dingy.  I repeated this experience several times during the trip including one cove swim where I was surrounded by a group of young seals showing off their speed and agility. I was in the flow with my new friends that I did not want to climb back on board the dingy despite the insistent pleas of our multi-talented Galapagos guide, Juan.


My inner joyful child was stirred daily—chasing a school of brilliantly colored parrotfish or the afternoon when hundreds of dolphins encircled our boat at sunset, their high dives into the air like marine high fives to their awestruck human friends. Getting face to face with a giant lava lizard brought back memories of my first giantic toad discoveries in my back yard--except 50 times the size. There was the morning where we swam in cove in search for hammer head shark. Not quite prepared for the experience but ready to give it a whirl, when the huge creature swam below me in the murky waters, I let out a scream that brought me back to my ten-year-old-thrilled-for-the-first time state of fear and joy.


There were so many moments that took my breath away and brought me back to my days as a budding nature lover and world explorer—wandering across lava fields and then lying down to feel their texture and warmth, studying whale bones on a beach, getting eye to eye with a giant tortoise, my enthrallment watching albatross take off and land gracefully or standing at the head of the Beluga as it glided across the Pacific ocean at moonlight and then being lulled to sleep by the gentle rock of my seafaring home away from home. Every day was so full of unforgettable moments yet woven together seamelessly like a perfect symphony.

Galapagos 2016-5.jpg

They say its never to late to have a happy childhood and my Galapagos experience confirmed that my inner child was not only alive and well, it can be revived to delight and transform my current reality and world view. I hope you will join me when I return the Galapagos this August to co-lead our Galapagos Magic with photographer-filmmaker Ossian Lindholm.  Come cruise with us for 8 days on the luxury Beluga. Enjoy sunrises with seabirds and sunsets that will capture your soul forever. Come be a student of life and follow the path and fascinating story of Charles Darwin with our expert local guides who will be our amazing and inspiring teachers in the history, science, flora, fauna, geology and natural history.


These pristine and exotic islands are a nature lover’s paradise and one of the most coveted destinations in the world—if you love nature and the sea, The Galapagos is a must on your bucket list! Now more than every we need places like the Galapagos to inspire us and restore our faith that man and nature can co-exist in harmony.

Come and play with me this summer!  We have only four spaces left on our Galapagos Magic journey this August 8-18th.  We'll snorkel, explore, learn and cherish this incredible place together. While photographic instruction is the theme, the tour is perfect for all levels of photographic interest. You do not even a fancy camera, we are so close to the animals that an iPhone or a simple camera can capture it all. Throughout this very special adventure, your camera / iPhone simply becomes the third eye that you will learn how to better view and capture this rare destination up close and keep hundreds of memories forever in your heart (and on your phone or computure drive)! 

Galapagos 2016-65.jpg

Each day we have excursions to best places at the best times and with the Galapagos' most expert naturalist. You'll experience Darwin’s discoveries up close and witness the incredible story of natural diversity and how it helped to shape scientific history.

By combining this full spectrum travel experience with exceptional guides who are passionate about their country—you will not only capture great photos on this tour, but will also gain in your appreciation of the incredible diversity of Ecuador’s incredible natural world. So get ready to become a kid again, play in paradise and experience the adventure journey of a lifetime!

See you on deck! 

Galapagos 2016-51.jpg

In the meantime, please enjoy my Galapagos photos and please do not hesitate to email me or call and speak with me about one of my favorite places in the world.  

Lauren  617-640-4837


Galapagos Magic Photos

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Written by Joe Luchison

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