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Top 10 Reasons to Pedal with Ciclismo Classico

Posted by Francesca Loomis

New to Ciclismo Classico and considering an active adventure? We have over 25 years of experience bringing you the finest guided tours in Europe. Our years of experience coupled with superior customer service, world-class guides, and immersive activities bring you the best adventures in the bike tour industry. To get you started, here are the top 10 reasons to Pedal with Ciclismo Classico:

1) Itineraries are designed to bring you on the "road less traveled" and away from high traffic areas. All tours are fully guided and have a support van that follow to make sure everyone is on the right path. 


2) You have NOTHING to worry about. Most meals, all accommodations, routes, and activities have been planned for you. If you want suggestions for places to visit and eat on your own, guides are an encyclopedia of knowledge.

3) We stay in luxury boutique hotels, chosen for both comfort and uniqueness. You will have all of the modern comforts, with a European twist. At the end of the day you can sit back, relax, and maybe get a massage.


4) Exercise leads to a healthier lifestyle, and healthy people are happier overall. Like any other form of active travel, the bicycle is just the means to actively engage with a destination. We have a wide array of bicycles, from aluminum and carbon frame, to standard and premium tandems. We make sure the bicycle you choose is perfectly dialed to your body.

5) Guide are resident or experts of the area they take you to - some even have over 15 years of experience guiding for Ciclismo Classico! They are multi-talented (farmers, sommeliers, musicians) and first-aid certified, not to mention exceptional bike mechanics and teachers, often holding on-tour bicycle clinics and language lessons.


6) We were the first tour operator to bring people to some very distinct regions of Italy, like Sardinia, Puglia and Piedmont. Since then, other tour operators have followed in our footsteps, but none can match the quality of service and routes we provide.

7) Are you a two-wheeled foodie? Go on ANY of our tours and you will only taste the best, locally-sourced ingredients. We take you to restaurants only the locals know, conduct hands-on lessons, and taste a variety of high-quality wines. Since you are biking, enjoy guilt-free eating!


8) Guests who travel at least once with Ciclismo Classico receive exclusive alumni benefits, with savings up to 18% off the tour price!

9) Our small group sizes allow more one-on-one time with the guide and others on tour. You won't feel excluded, even if you are traveling solo. 


10) Break down the barriers between you and the locals. Cultural immersion is at the heart of our tours, with some even coinciding with special events. We make sure you get the full experience. 

Are you conviced? Join us on tour!

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Topics: Bike Tours

Written by Francesca Loomis

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