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Swimming with Sea Lions

Feeling Forever Young in The Soul Stirring Galapagos

This past summer I fulfilled a life-long dream of traveling to the Galapagos Islands and witnessing up close a myriad of amazing birds and sea creatures. Scouting our Galapagos Magic journey, I enjoyed 8 days on our small luxury boat La Beluga, peacefully immersed in these magical islands and surrounded by creatures who were not afraid to wander or swim near me and say "hello." It was beyond my wildest imagination. 

Photo Tours, Galapagos

Make a Difference by Taking a Vacation

In our fragile world, your photography and your travel dollars make a difference. Photo travelers help save the puma, the jaguar, and many other beautiful creatures and places, because our tourism dollars help local conservation efforts and our photos communicate that animals and beautiful places matter. Your camera is not only your passport to the world, it is a tool that you can use to help protect our planet.

Argentina, Photo Tours, Wildlife, Galapagos

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