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Wildlife Safari in the Pantanal

Posted by Lauren Hefferon on Mar 4, 2016 12:35:02 PM


Via Go Nomad: The term "Safari" tends to bring to mind khaki-clad individuals with binoculars around their neck, hunched on the top of a teetering Land Rover, searching the African plains for majestic lions. 

"Africa definitely gets the 'lion's share of attention," says Lauren Hefferon, Director and Founder of tour company Ciclismo Classico, who went to Africa on a wildlife tour in the fall of 2013. 

But when planning your next trip to the Savannas of Botswana or Zimbabwe, why not consider Brazil's Pantanal region instead? This large swath of wilderness is home to hundreds of species of animals--including the largest cat in the Americas, the jaguar.   


"South America is a great destination for North Americans because it is easily accessible. It is an overnight flight each way and the same time zone so you can fly from NYC the night before and be on the Transpantaneira (the road that cross the Pantanara) in Brazil the next day," explains Hefferon, whose company is running a wildlife photography tour through the Pantanal this fall that is full of exciting opportunities to explore the South American hidden gem. 

Brazil's Pantanal

"Guests will canoe the Rio Clarinho, lodge in authentic fazendas, hike the jungle with expert local guides, fish for piranha, photograph tons of exotic wildlife, and hopefully spot a jaguar."

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