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EcoCamp Patagonia: A Place for Change

Posted by Lauren Hefferon on Oct 30, 2015 11:54:57 AM

In all my years of adventure travel, I have never experienced a "hotel" that is so lovely, friendly, peaceful and sustainable all at the same time as the EcoCamp Patagonia. In addition to its award-winning reputation for its eco-friendly policies and innovative use of green technology, they are leaders in environmentally responsible travel to areas of fragile natural resources and minimizes the footprint of every visitor in Torres del Paine National Park.For the second portion of our Patagonia: Myths Mountains & Mammals wildlife hiking and photography adventure, you'll head back to the EcoCamp to dine and relax in the Community Domes and later sleep in their cozy Suite Dome, immersed in nature, resistant to the Patagonian elements and have ceiling windows to look up at the starry night sky. Enjoy these two videos that highlight the uniqueness of the place and the extraordinary experience you will have

Enjoy these videos:

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Myths, Mountains & Mammals

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