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From expertly written articles about fitness, health, culture, and bicycle travel to the latest news about our Ciclismo Classico bike tours, La Piazza promises to engage, inspire, and delight.

Matera: 2019 European Capital of Culture

We're proud to announce that Matera, a place we adore and cherish, has been nominated the 2019 European Capital of Culture. Read on to learn more about the history, lore, interesting corners and  cave dwellers living in this incredible place! It's beauty on the rocks. 

Matera, Bike Across Southern Italy

Bike Across Southern Italy: 20 Photos To Inspire You To Go

Our Bike Across Southern Italy raises the bar when it comes to epic, unrivaled cycling journeys across Italy's most dramatic, southern and intriguing regions. Visit Matera, nominated as the 2019 European Capital of Culture, on this amazing bike tour. Ciclismo Classico guide/photographer Frank Yantorno shares a few of his best recent shots on this tour.

Bike Tours, Southern Italy

Top 10 Ciclismo Classico 2019 Trips

What a wonderful year 2018 was at Ciclismo Classico! We launched new trips, perfected our existing ones and most importantly, fulfilled our number ONE annual company goal: to deliver transformational bicycling experiences that exceed our guest's expectations in every way. With 30 years of experience in creating the world's most beloved bicycle tours, we have much to celebrate and be excited for in 2019. Buon Anno!

Staff Picks, New Year

Weird Things You Must See (or Try) in Italy

Italy is famous for many well-known things: classical art, opera, gelato, Rome, espresso, the Colosseum, the Vatican and of course, cycling! But there is so much more to see and try that’s a little "off" and certainly not part of the mainstream travel trails. Here are our top picks for the best awesomely weird, pleasantly wacky, and delightfully unusual dishes to try and places to see in Italy!

Food, Places

Spring Gets Even Sweeter On A "Giro del Gelato" Trip

Spring will be in the air before we know it. Gelato is one the sweetest ways we can celebrate this great season of abundance: amazing colors, flavors, classic, and unusual combinations. Our trips in Sicily, Southern Amalfi and Bike Across Southern Italy are toppling over with the absolute BEST gelaterie––in the world! Read on as two of our Top Guides tell the stories of the faces behind the counter.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

Do you have a bicyclist,  foodie or an Italophile on your holiday gift list? We have curated a very special list of Italian-inspired gift ideas that will bring a big sorriso (smile) to the face of a friend or loved one. Instead of a trip to the mall, why not scroll and click your way to The Perfect Gift. 

Gift Guide, olive oil, wine

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