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From expert advice on all things cycling to the latest and greatest of Ciclismo Classico bike tours, La Piazza has got you covered!

Forever Young: Dr. Jim's Advice

This week a forever young cardiologist from Colorado details all the great benefits of cycling calling it his "fountain of youth." Dr. Jim Sbarbaro and his wife Debbie have been on twelve Ciclismo Classico tours. They shared an engaging collection of memories and some great insights on the medically proven benefits of cycling!

Forever Young, Marvelous Mallorca

Forever Young: Epic Katie Saunders

This week, we delve into our epic heroine Katherine Saunder’s forever young story. "Katie" has just returned home from her 15th (yes, that’s right!) Ciclismo Classico tour–French Alps to French Riviera–where she actually mastered the climb up the Alpe d’Huez–for the third time! Katie beams “I think this time was the easiest.”

Forever Young

Forever Young: Liza Cotter

This week the spotlight shines on Liza Cotter, a recent guest on our Heart of Tuscany tour. Joy and enthusiasm just spill over her. Ciclismo guide Alessandro Draghi described Liza to me in two words: "Grandissima donna!"  Larger than life. 

Splitting her time between Lake Tahoe and Florida, Liza shares her approach to life, cycling, and her ricetta (recipe) to staying happily forever young. 

tuscany, Forever Young, Heart of Tuscany

Forever Young: Jan Van Steenwijk Never Quits

Recently the amazing 80-year old Bedford, MA resident, Jan van Steenwijk and his equally dazzling wife Barbara Hitchcock, showed up at our 9th Annual Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival in Arlington.

At the event, we raffled off a trip to Italy and guess who won? That’s right! Jan van Steenwijk is on his way to Italy this September to join our Heart of Tuscany tour! Barbara, his lovely and very talented wife, will be joining him on the trip as well.

Forever Young

Family Funster: Bonding with bambini in bici

What could be more fun than that? Don’t just tell your children about the world, show them! Great memories happen while pedaling together in stunning, magical landscapes–where the entire family can eat, ride, swim, play–and repeat each and every day.

"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.- Dr. Seuss

The Foodie: Post Ride Rewards

All of our tours come complete with a delicious mix of meals, treats, and liquid delights to satisfy the culturally curious or most discerning of connoisseurs. From amazing dinners to cooking lessons, tastings, mouth-watering picnics, and super snacks–we are all about bringing your enogastronomic fantasies to life.

You have to taste a culture to understand it.  - Deborah Cater

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