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From expert advice on all things cycling to the latest and greatest of Ciclismo Classico bike tours, La Piazza has got you covered!

Life in the Slow Lane: 5 Hiking Trips

Slow Food. The opposite of fast food. This amazing movement started in Italy in 1986, without much expectation of success. But people soon jumped to defend the traditional, unique dishes being displaced by cheap, mass-marketed stuff, gathering in droves under the "slow" banner. Today, the Slow Food organization includes more than 100,000 members with branches in 150 countries. 

Our “slow” hiking tours celebrate the slow food culture every step of the way. On each and every one of these trips, you'll slow down, experience cultures up close, and savor some of the most magical places in the world! And if you don't see a trip you like, please know we can also create custom 1-9 day walks in any the places we travel.


Raise a Fork with Us on these Farm-to-Table Rides in the U.S.

Wondering what a Ciclismo Classico bike tour is like? Why not join us at Wrenegade Sports' innovative Farm to Fork Fondo series in the U.S.? These events mix many of the same signature elements of our bike tours into an affordable weekend package that is as much about the fun and food as it is about the cycling. Any of this year’s eight events is a great way to get ready for your first Ciclismo Classico bike tour—or stay in shape for repeat bike tours with us. 

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9 Simple Steps to Making Handmade Italian Pasta [Infographic]

As a young girl, I remember watching my Italian nonna Cesarina make pasta almost daily, pounding dough balls by hand and forming them into the most delicious meals. Occasionally, my siblings and cousins and I would lend a hand trying to work the same magic.

5 Ways Taking A Bike Tour Is Easier Than You Think

Curious about what riding on a guided bike tour is really like? Worried that you won't be able to keep up on the hills or with the other cyclists? New to the sport and dreaming of a cycling vacation led by local biking experts who also happen to be food and wine connoisseurs? Combine your passion for cycling with the joy of travel and experience the pure excitement, care, and attention that goes into a Ciclismo Classico bike tour.

To help you get a sense of what to expect, we're sharing fives ways we make our bike tours as effortless as possible for our guests. So you can feel great about putting a trip like this on your "bike-it" list.

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You Deserve to Follow Your Passions

In the words of Ciclismo Classico's Founder Lauren Hefferon, "life should always be active, fun, delicious, educational, flowing, strengthening, energizing, and deeply connected to beautiful places and their people." If you haven't yet experienced such places from the seat of a bicycle––the dream is out there, waiting for you. With a personal guarantee for joy and her innate words of wisdom, Lauren shares how she followed her passions, and why taking just a few steps towards your dream can make that first imagined adventure a reality.

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La Madia Winery: Organic Living, Tuscan Style 

Take a sneak peek at a NEW vineyard visit we’ve added to our Assaggio Toscana bike tour. The small, organic winery offers our guests an intimate view into how a family in Tuscany has turned the business of making wine into more than just a hobby...it’s undoubtedly a deep passion shared by the entire clan.

Podere La Madia farm is a family-run business located in the Valdarno–in Arezzo’s province, along the Setteponti road on the Pratomagno slopes–and right at the start of our Assaggio Toscana bike tour. Read on to learn all about this special place and the family behind it all.

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