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10 Reasons You'll Love Our Bike Across Tours

Posted by Carol Sicbaldi


With the new year upon on us, we're ready to embrace a reset mode. A new start. Are you dreaming of amazing bike tours that take you across an entire European country? Where you can immerse yourself in the variety and diversity of a place, go on an adventure, take in beautiful vistas, accept a new challenge, make new friends, and eventually...earn bragging rights? If you need a little more incentive, we came up with 10 top reasons why you're going to love our Bike Across tours.


BIKE ACROSS ENGLAND: Meet a Real Shepherd.

On our new Bike Across England tour, Henrick, one of the trip's guides, beamingly recounts one of his favorite moments on tour: "I absolutely love the visit with the shepherd, who demonstrates the art of sheep-dog trials and introduces us to the world of sheep farming, which is an important part of the lives of the people in the Hawes region. Richard is none other than an English international who travels the world teaching and attending sheep-dog trials. He’s also famous for his appearance on the BBC. Our time spent with him is a great insight into an unknown world for our guests, which they always find both fascinating and different!"


Photo: Bruno Murialdo



BIKE ACROSS ITALY: From rags to paper. 

Paper was once made with old clothes!

During our stay in Medieval Bevagna, we learn the secrets and origins of paper. The first step is the mulching of a combination old clothes or rags and hemp into a sloppy paste, which then gets stirred up and pressed down through a screening process to make the paper. Altogether, the process from rags to paper can take three months!




and Mussels night!

Our Belgium expert & guide Isacco Colombo shares: "I think there is something very unique and special on our Bike Across Belgium trip. In the same way we have a special “pizza night” on most of our Italy Ciclismo Classico trips, in Belgium we have a great “mussels and french fries night" that happens in Oudenaarde, in a restaurant in a 16th century cellar on the old main square and next door to the Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen cycling museum. A big pot of authentic seasonal north sea mussels served with fresh original Belgian French fries is a huge tradition in Belgium!"





Mysterious cave paintings at Le Font de Gaume

Part cave, part art gallery, part prehistoric temple, Font de Gaume is a bit of a mystery. On Ciclismo Classico’s Bike Across France, the experts tell us what is in this cave: an extensive network of poly chromatic paintings accomplished by early homo sapiens during the Magdalenian period. But the reason why they are there is baffling. The techniques used by these early artists suggest they were much more advanced then we given them credit for.




BIKE ACROSS ITALY:Dip your wheel in

two opposing seas.

We begin this trip on Day 1 with the ceremonial dipping of our front wheel in Pesar on the Adriatic Sea and end this phenomenal journey 10 days later by dipping our rear wheel in the Mediterranean. Hows that for novel? If you like rituals as much as we do, you'll appreciate this great kick-off and ending to the most perfect, quintessential journey across the gorgeous–and unbelievably rich–central regions of Italy.



BIKE ACROSS ENGLAND: Country food and folks.

Local gastronomy is going strong in England with literally hundreds of local craft beer (every village has its own brewery), super high-quality lamb and beef, and a buzz of creative-thinking chefs bringing their international experiences into local home-cooked organic freshness. This will knock your socks off! We have the chance to meet many locals on our Bike Across England as they draw us up-close to share bit of their fascinating Old World.



BIKE ACROSS BELGIUM: Surprise!The New Foodie

Hot Spot is Belgium.

Outside Magazine awarded Ciclismo Classico's Bike Across Belgium the world's Best Foodie Destination: "Most European tours focus on Italy’s Chianti or France’s Beaujolais. That leaves Europe’s beer capital—not to mention meals like wild boar and venison for dinner, cro­quettes for lunch, and, of course, a waffle or eight at breakfast—for the rest of us."

Our Belgium trip features a waffles tasting, a Trappist and abbey cheese tasting, a French fries tasting, a Flemish stew tasting, a chocolate tasting, and many, many beer tastings.




Not only do we get to see these amazing, stunning hill-top towns built on volcanic tufa rock that literally pop-up and out of the Italian landscape in such dramatic ways (and the chance to ride the zig-zag climbs up to the center), we get to ride to the volcanic crater Lake called Bolsena. Roman historic records indicate activity of the Vulsini volcano occurred as recently as 104 BC; it has been dormant since then.




BIKE ACROSS FRANCE: Sample Iconic French Vin

For the wine-loving cyclist who dreams of whizzing by storybook castles along lush green countryside and exploring stone villages and prehistoric sites, nothing can match the excellence of our evening meals while we Bike across France. This part of the trip is brought to a superior level with special tastings and exposure to a diverse collection of great French wines: Mondeuse, Cahors, Petrus, Viognier, and Haut Medoc Graves, to name a few.


BIKE ACROSS ENGLAND: Poetry & Harry Potter

Ciclismo Classico Top Guide Enrico Pizzorni shares his reasons why we should Bike across England: "There are so many memorable stretches of road, I can't name them all. But for example, on day 2, we cycle along a teeny tiny road on the side of a mountain, that weaves in and out of patches of very tall luminescent ferns. We have to open and close five cow gates before we finally reach a beautiful little pub where we stop to have lunch. On Day 3, there's the Kirkstone Pass, followed by a beautiful descent. Day 4 brings us to the Ribbleshead viaduct, featured in the Harry Potter's film (the scene on the train heading to the school) where we also traverse an unforgettable high altitude, deserted grassy plain. Finally, you must experience the road along one of the Dales on Day 5 and the vast beauty of the Moors covered in broom. This is poetry!"


 We have several Bike Across bike tours coming up this spring. Call 1-800-866-7314 to find out which of these amazing adventures is going to knock your socks off the most.


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