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10 Truths About Cycling in Bermuda

Posted by Joe Luchison

When someone says "Bermuda," usually images of tropical scenes come to mind. Along with locals clad in blue blazers and pastel-colored Bermuda shorts, you might picture images of coral reefs, pink beaches, award-winning golf courses, celebrity sightings, and lush, manicured landscapes dotted with palm trees.Now imagine all of these infused with a relaxed, island vibe with a British flair, just a short two-hour flight from the east coast of the U.S. But would you think of cycling here?

Riding your bike here may not be your first thought—it certainly wasn't mine. But on a recent visit, I learned that cycling has blossomed here and I recently discovered its rich, growing scene that is bolstering the sport’s popularity on the island.



Perfect spot to slow down and wade in the warm water

And when visiting the island, it makes sense that the growth of cycling in Bermuda is only natural. The locals are sport-enthusiasts at heart. The roads are smooth over gently rolling terrain. The views are breathtaking, and once you try riding there, you see that while other visitors ride in a taxi, saunter across a golf course or lie on a beach, those on a bike – or “pedal-bike” as the locals often say - can take it all in at their own pace.



Learning a few facts about Flatts Village and the Harrington Volcano


Here are 10 truths about cycling in Bermuda that will make you take notice and give it a try!


  1. Riding on the left side of the road is just as easy as riding on the right.

    It’s easy: keep the hedges to your left, and yellow line to your right. That’s it! It’s even safe to ride two-by-two in certain cases.

  2. Cycling is a hot trend that is still under the radar.

    There are several high-end bike shops, social and competitive cycling clubs, and the annual Bermuda “End-to-End” event where participants can run, walk, or bike the island archipelago from end-to-end. The sport has spawned a growing microculture that brings locals and visitors together in a way that few if any visitors rarely see.

  3. Motorists are mindful.

    Bermudians are limited to one car per household and there are no rental cars there. And as cycling becomes more prevalent, motorists are aware and respectful on Bermuda’s two-lane roads.

  4. History is as rich as the beautiful views that surround you 360 degrees.

    Settled in 1609, descendants of original settlers have preserved early artifacts and have even replicated the first home. You can ride by these spots and witness how historic events have shaped the incredible scenery around you.

  5. You see things you never would have seen in a taxi or tour bus.

    There are no restrictions to what you will see while touring the isle by bicycle, you can stop just about anywhere, pedal to a peak to snap a photo op, or even take a detour to, dip you feet in the ocean, or even dip yourself in it!

  6. You can savor the views at the slow pace of a bike.

    Cycling is sensory and is the perfect way to let the scenery unfold before you. If you haven’t learned to use the “panorama” setting on your camera or smartphone, you’ll get plenty of practice with vast, vividly colorful views that once captured, are sure to wow your friends.

  7. Bermuda has a biking champion, and he might just be your guide.

    Our local cycling expert, entrepreneur and friend Dexter not only knows every hidden spot to ride, he also knows the islands history, food and even a few folkloric tales. He’s even been known to lead visitors to his favorite spots all over Bermuda.

  8. After riding, your appetite will be pleasantly rewarded.

    Bermuda Lunch.jpg
    Forget good old gorp, in Bermuda your taste buds will also dance to tropical beats. Notable chefs have given birth to a culinary renaissance. Chefs like Marcus Samuelsson and super-cyclist and award-winning chef Jean-Claude Garzia whip up creations that fuse island flavors with the freshest fish, seafood, fruits, veggies and Bermuda-grown spices. Bermudian cuisine melds worldwide influences including Caribbean, French, Indian, Portuguese and even Italian flavors.

  9. You can discover even more on the water, under the water, and even under the ground.


    A visit here isn’t complete without doing something involving water, it’s literally some of the clearest and brightest I have ever seen. Bermuda is surrounded by coral reefs meaning many a ship has run aground here. It’s one of the few places where you can kayak (or take a hydro-bike) to a shipwreck and even snorkel to view the marine life that now occupy them. If caves are your thing, Bermuda’s will amaze you with its jagged, colorful stalactites and crystal water.

  10. Pedaling across Bermuda is like pedaling through a living watercolor painting.

    Pastel architecture, blue seas and lush landscapes make it like a live watercolor. It’s like a motion picture, impressionist painting and poetry all brought to life.


Ciclismo Classico is the first company in North America to offer guided cycling in Bermuda. Ideal seasons to ride there are autumn, late spring and early summer and make the perfect long weekend cycling escape. Trips are limited to 14 guests. There's a video to watch, too!


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Written by Joe Luchison

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