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Bike Across Southern Italy: 20 Photos To Inspire You To Go

Posted by Carol Sicbaldi

Our Bike Across Southern Italy raises the bar when it comes to epic, unrivaled cycling journeys across Italy's most dramatic, southern and intriguing regions. Visit Matera, nominated as the 2019 European Capital of Culture, on this amazing bike tour. Ciclismo Classico guide/photographer Frank Yantorno shares a few of his best recent shots on this tour.

Guide Dana Geraghty and guests spend time with the locals

Southern Italy is without a doubt festive, lively, invigorating, authentic. Some say it's the real Italy. And, well, we can't argue that!

Bike Across Southern Italy rides by the gorgeous Polignano Seaside

Our trip starts in the delightful village of Polignano al Mare, aka "Pearl of the Adriatic." And who knew that the guy who sang 'Volare' came from this dazzling place? Nel blu dipinto di blu (“In the Sky, Painted Blue”).

Riding the beautiful country lanes in Puglia

We ease our way into this 12-day epic journey across the South with gentle pedaling along the fairy-tale roads of Puglia.

Kids biking in Basilicata

In the most southern regions (and in most of Italy, in general) life just tends to "happen" in la piazza – kids, parents, grandparents, friends all meet up to share the events of the day, news, to play, share, laugh. 

Interacting with the locals in Sanza

It's an everyday cultural ritual that emphasizes and celebrates community as a core value that weaves its way into the daily social fabric of life. We generally like to dive right in. 

Enjoying gelato in Cilento

Gelato is just part of life. This Spring our Bike Across Southern Italy Giro del Gelato promises daily samplings of gelato (our treat!).

BASI 180515 Yantorno-water_flowers_ Palinurojpg

Imagine views like this from your hotel room?

Evening in Puglia

After days out riding in stunning, gorgeous countryside, our evenings include a delicious, generous southern style dinners followed by the entertaining passeggiata - or stroll - through town. Evening sunsets in vibrant colors embrace us. Sounds dreamy, right? It is.

Bruzzi Calabria music

A Ciclismo Classico trademark experience includes evening musical or folkloristic events. This doesn't happen every night, but when it does–these are moments you'll never forget! Whether you join in on the singing dancing or just quietly observe–the energy is truly rare and joyful.

Guests enjoying dinner in Matera

The food in Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and Campania–to name a few regions we cycle through on this trip–is out of this world. Simple pastas, the daily catch of fish and vegetables galore, fresh cheeses and desserts to Insta-write home about.

Alice fresce marinateChocolate peperoncino


Guest Group Celebrating a tough climb

Dramatic cliffside villages dot our Bike Across Southern Italy route. Towns where local folks live and rarely see cyclists or travelers passing through.

Ciclismo Tours leave our guests smiling

Passion. Amore.


The guides have fun with water guns on hot days!



Just a few of the themes on this Southern Italian adventure: coastal riding, smooth, challenging climbs, unknown villages like Castelmezzano, Basilicata (pictured above); foods and wines you can't even imagine tasting.

A break from biking for a group hike

Matera has been nominated the 2019 European City of Culture. This is the time to be there! Ciclismo Classico guides Frank Yantorno and Dana Geraghty lead the way.



Two riders enjoying the view in Maratea 

Classic Trulli houses in Puglia

Alberobello's amazing trulli can be found on the western slopes of the town's two hills: a dense mass of 1500 beehive-shaped houses, white-tipped as if dusted by snow. These dry-stone buildings are made from local limestone; and many date back to the 14th century. 

Shop owner for favorite local coffee shop

Dana loves to visit her favorite local caffe



















Guide Dana Geraghty visits (and re-visits) with her favorite local caffè owner. Buongiorno!


 Join us on our BIKE ACROSS SOUTHERN ITALY–the most 

engaging, spectacular, and epic adventure out there!


All photo credits: Frank Yantorno 


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Written by Carol Sicbaldi

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