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2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

Posted by Ciclismo Classico

Do you have a bicyclist,  foodie or an Italophile on your holiday gift list? We have curated a very special list of Italian-inspired gift ideas that will bring a big sorriso (smile) to the face of a friend or loved one. Instead of a trip to the mall, why not scroll and click your way to The Perfect Gift. 

For the cyclist: A Ciclismo Gift Card for the gift of memories forever and that never expires!

For the foodie: A case of fine Tuscan wine or a bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil (one of the best years ever for olive oil)

For Italophiles: La Dolce Vita University: An unconventional Guide to the Italian Culture From A-Z, an entertaining compendium of all things Italian

For the ceramic pazzo (crazy): A special offer for Majolica by Biordi 

2018 Holiday Gift Card-1

Ciclismo Classico Gift Card!
Perfect for active travelers of all ages

This year give the perfect gift, the gift of a bicycle travel experience. Giving an experience is the perfect way to show the "hard to shop for active traveler" on your list that you care. A Ciclismo Classico Gift Card is a great idea for that special someone who doesn't need more stuff, but can have a truly transformational experience.

Call today (800-866-7314) and speak with a Ciclismo Travel Consultant to purchase, visit our web form to request a call back! Our gift cards are available in any denomination and never expire. If you're looking for guidance on your 2019 adventure you can also reach out directly to our Chief Bicycle Officer, Lauren Hefferon at lauren@ciclismoclassico.com



La Dolce Vita University, by Carla Gambescia
Perfect for anyone in amore with Italy

Alumna of a dozen Ciclismo Classico tours, Carla has written a passionate and rousing tribute to all things Italian titled La Dolce Vita University: An Unconventional Guide to Italian Culture from A to Z . Both entertaining and highly informative, La Dolce Vita University is a compendium of 165 mini-essays spanning a spectrum of subjects from art and architecture to history to literature to food and wine to film and style plus much, much more—a perfect book to dip into and out of at will. Discover all kinds of fun facts like what food was considered scandalous for Renaissance women to eat? Or how did the Colosseum get its name? It will deepen your appreciation of why Italy has exerted such an outsized influence on the world and why it is so beloved.

Carla's book is available through her website, or through Amazon.com.


538ff405-5053-4262-94c0-caa0e5985799Tuscan Wine, by Director of Operations Massimo De Laurentiis

Perfect for wine connoisseurs

It almost goes without saying that the Ciclismo Classico family represents a unique collection of multi-dimensional talents from sommeliers to professional racers. So perhaps it’s no surprise that we boast two extraordinary purveyors of organic and delicious Italian specialties. Our first highlight is on Massimo, the resident wine expert. Many of our Alumni have tried Massimo's wines if they traveled on one of our Tuscan tours. Now you can purchase a case for yourself! How can you not fall in love with a description like this?

"More than just a wonderful sensory experience, a great wine stirs emotions, recalling stories about people and places, pride and dreams... A great wine is made in a simple, natural way revealing the true terroir, it is a real artisanal product made first and foremost in the vineyard, where nature weaves its magic every year, making each vintage unique."

The Wine List - Available by the Case

Summer Scents 2015 - €16
100% Sangiovese grapes

Jazz 2009 & 2010 - €23
Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot grapes

Tango 2011 - €27.50
Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot grapes

Tuscan Soul (3 versions) - €29.00
- 100% Abrostine 2012
- 100% Abrusco 2012
- 100% Sangiovese 2013

Tuscan Soul Dessert - €25.50
100% Sangiovese 2013

Tuscan Soul Wine is available for a limited time at a special offer price of 30% off. Shipping is not included

To order the wine or the oil call today (800-866-7314) and speak with a Ciclismo Travel Consultant to purchase. Allow a minimum of 10 days for your items to arrive since they will be shipping from Italy. 


Sandro_Tuscany_GreenOlive Oil, by Guide Sandro Draghi
Perfect for foodies

Our second extraordinary purveyors of organic and delicious Italian specialties is Sandro! He was quick to share with us his love for olive oil.

"This season produced particularly healthy fruits creating amazing quality for the oil. The early harvest (the second week of October) reaped nice green olives that are ground up first thing in the evening. 

Aside from the bright green color, this year's extra virgin olive oil also boasts notes of bitter and spicy that are the unique characteristics of this Tuscan specialty. The title of extra virgin is obtained by using the olives while their still green and rich in antioxidants (the polyphenols which creates the bitter note) and the anti-inflammatories (the oleocanthal which creates the spicy note). Enjoy!"

Il Molinello Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500ml Can - €18
1 liter Can - €28
5 liter Can - €100

Shipping to the US is included in the price.

To order the wine or the oil call today (800-866-7314) and speak with a Ciclismo Travel Consultant to purchase. Allow a minimum of 10 days for your items to arrive since they will be shipping from Italy. 


CeramicsCeramics by Biordi Art Imports
Perfect for lovers of Italian artistry

Veteran Ciclismo Classico guests come to experience how each Italian region has developed its own arts and craft traditions. This is very much the case with ceramics (ceramica) where places like Deruta, Faenza, Montelupo, Siena, Caltagirone, Castelli, Pesaro and Vietri have established their own distinctive—and world-class—reputations. You can find the very best of these pieces in one special location that has called San Francisco’s North Beach section home for over seventy years: Biordi Art Imports. (It’s the only place we’d consider purchase ceramica outside of Italy; of course they’re also online and ship anywhere). Browse their digital catalogue to discover beauties like these.

Order online before 12/31 and receive Free Shipping + 15% off! Just use the Discount Code: Ciclismo15 at checkout. *Please note that the shipping charge will not be removed until after the order is placed, and will not reflect this discount in your cart. 

Sign up for the Biordi emails and you'll be entered into a sweepstakes to win a $500 gift certificate to be drawn on 12/17/18!


Gift Guide, olive oil, wine

Written by Ciclismo Classico

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