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Moving On Up! Unveiling Our NEW Bianchi 2018 Partnership

Posted by Carol Sicbaldi

Intenso bike AD.jpgWe are elated to announce our relationship with the famous bicycle manufacturer Bianchi is only getting stronger. As we approach Ciclsimo Classico's 30th year of offering bike tours, we're bringing more ingredients to the table that we want to celebrate with you, and that includes an upgrade to our 2018 bike tour fleet!

Article written by Jacopo Mantobbio (edited by Carol Sicbaldi and Heather Munro).

Ciclismo Classico has partnered with Bianchi, the world's oldest bicycle manufacturer, now in its 125th year. The proof is in the pudding: Bianchi has provided the best-performing bikes and gear to top-level riders since the beginning of the 20th century, including sponsoring champions like Fausto Coppi and Marco Pantani.

We are proud to collaborate with Bianchi and upgrade our bike tour fleet. In 2018, Ciclismo Classico will offer guests:

  • Carbon-fiber road bikes: Bianchi Vertigo (Athletic Beginner) and Bianchi Intenso (Intermediate and Advanced tours)
  • Hybrid bikes: The new C-Sport 2.5
  • E-bikes: The great Manhattan model


Ciclismo Classico mechanic Aldo Papini with Bianchi representatives

Here are our 4 new exciting upgrades for 2018:

#1: Bianchi Vertigo Road


This bicycle upgrade will be included in all 2018 Athletic Beginner (easy level) Ciclismo Classico tours.

Specs: The comfort-oriented C2C (Coast to Coast Bianchi range), fully integrated carbon frameset gives you a comfortable and smooth ride, with massive chainstays to transfer power on the road to help absorb rough surfaces. The frame is designed with a more upright position, plus angled, shorter top tube and head tube length, which means less stress to the upper body, shoulders, and neck.

Shimano 105 11-speed group set: Guaranteed smoothness, precision, and ease of use when tackling climbs. The gear ratio has a compact crank set (50-34 teeth) and a 11-32 cassette in the back–granny gears for all. Wheels are Shimano, with 25mm tires.

Your CC guides will be equipped with spare stems and seat posts, in order to provide the perfect fit for every guest cyclist.

#2: Bianchi Intenso Road

Bianchi Intenso 2018.jpg

The Bianchi Intenso bikes are custom assembled for Ciclimo Classico at the Bianchi Factory,

The Bianchi Intenso is a true all-round endurance bike, ideal for riding mid-long distances in comfort. It’s a perfectly well-rounded road machine for riders who prefer a more upright riding position, because of its higher handlebars designed to relieve shoulders and neck stress. The frame has Kevlar inserts in the chain stays and into the fork. Kevlar inserts are a Vibration Isolating Device that allows the frame to obtain different stiffness “responses”  under different conditions, without losing power and improving shock absorption and adherence to the road. The frame itself is beautifully crafted and has a stellar finish, featuring internal cable routing for both gear cables and rear brakes to give a smooth, uncluttered appearance. And the color! That trademark Celeste. All around, hands down, the BEST.

All bikes come with a full Shimano Ultegra 11-speed group sets. Thanks to a compact crank set (50-34) and a wide ratio cassette (11-32), you get those  granny gears to climb hills that seem close to impossible. Wheels are Fulcrum Racing Sport, with 25mm tires.The bike weighs 8.4 kg (18.5 lbs).

In this short videoTop Guide Henrick Murphy describes the joys of the Bianchi Intenso. 

Your CC guides will be equipped with spare stems and seat posts, in order to provide the perfect fit for every guest cyclist.

#3: Bianchi C-Sport 2.5 Hybrid

C-Sport 2.5 Hybrid.jpg

Brand new for 2018! The most comfortable hybrid bike around. The C-Sport 2.5 is also one of the most versatile hybrid bike that Bianchi offers. In spirit, this is a true racing bike, with the overall control of a city bike. It's lightweight, has a hydroformed aluminum frame, and offers quick accelerations and precise handling while its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes improve stopping power in all conditions. Disc Brakes are hydraulic, and the drive train is a full Shimano Acera 24 speed with triple crank set for tackling both steep hills and fast straightaways. The tires are big (volume 35 mm) and add more comfort, absorption, and great road grip.

All bikes are equipped with a handlebar bag, a seat bag with spare tube and levers, a pump attached to the frame, two Ciclismo Classico water bottles and the GARMIN EDGE TOURING navigator (GPS)–ready to go with preloaded routes.


#4: Bianchi Manhattan E-bike

Bianchi Manhattan 1.jpg

Bianchi Manhattan 2.jpeg


Would you like to enjoy a bike tour but aren't sure if you're ready because of the terrain and trip level? You prefer an intermediate trip but are not sure you can go beyond an athletic beginner trip?

The Bianchi Manhattan e-bike is the ideal bike for those who may need a little assistance riding through longer, challenging conditionsThe Manhattan combines the fit and feel of our C-Sport with the proven, pedal assist technology of Shimano STEPS to provide a fast, fun, and flexible ride experience. The combination of a lightweight hydroformed aluminum frame, carbon fiber fork, and sport geometry make for a joyful ride.

SHIMANO STEPS provides three levels of assistance: economy, standard, and high; and includes a battery lasting up to 70 miles. Its down-tube mounted battery and central drive motor provide a nice weight/balance ratio for a very comfortable ride. The engine power has a 400 Wh down tube battery, the motor 50 Nm of torque on hand Shimano’s E600. The Bosh Active Line, with a LCD display on the handlebar, allows you to select the power level, odometer, and remaining battery.

Don't hesitate to jump on ordering an e-bike for your next bike tour to make all your dreams come true!

Limited availability. Please call our offices to request.

E-bikes and tandems available for an additional $400 fee.


But the fun doesn’t stop here!

We’re also super excited to share that Ciclismo Classico and Bianchi Bicycles are sponsoring events in Italy and in the U.S.

L’EROICA: The Ultimate Italian Vintage Ride


Bianchi and Ciclismo are participating in the most popular vintage gravel event in the world: the EROICA vintage bicycle event in Gaiole in Chianti (Siena, Tuscany).

Since its start in 1997, the Eroica has grown to be the biggest vintage bike event worldwide, with more than 5,000 riders from around the world riding vintage bikes through the unique ‘crete senesi’ (clay hills) on gravel and white roads. People flock from all corners of the Earth to enjoy the scenery, atmosphere, and most importantly, the food and the wine served in every ‘ristoro’ (refreshment stand) along the way.

Bianchi is the one and only bicycle brand sponsor for the event. This year, together with Bianchi, we’re offerings all Ciclismo Classico guests the opportunity to enjoy:

  • All Ciclismo Classico guests will have direct access to the event
  • Our guests will have first pick of original Bianchi vintage bikes from the 70s and 80s
  • Private access to the VIP lounge area in Gaiole in Chianti
  • Exclusive participation at the event’s official welcome dinner
  • A visit to the Ricasoli Castle (a superb Chianti wine producer)
  • Loads of discounts on official Bianchi and L'Eroica merchandise


FARM TO FORK FONDO: See, ride, and eat no evil!


Photos: Tyler Wren, Wrenegade Sports

Farm to Fork FondoA farm fresh feast from the seat of your favorite bicycle! These weekend rides are filled with culinary delights made from ingredients sourced from the beautiful farms along the route. They select local farm-to-table specialist chefs to whip up gourmet treats and feasts worthy of kings and hoards of hungry foodie cyclists. These organized rides allow you to choose the distance that suits your level and pace, stopping along the way to taste these amazing dishes at local farms. The event consists of 8 rides in different states. Jump over here to see the schedule. Ciclismo Classico and Bianchi are the lead sponsors for all Farm to Fork Fondo rides. The mission of the Farm to Fork Fondo series is to highlight and support the symbiotic relationship between cyclists, farmers, and beautiful landscapes. A beautiful blend  that mirrors the Ciclismo Classico mission on our European bike tours. 

In Italy there is the important tradition of the gran fondo. It's generally a long-distance road bicycle ride which originated in Italy in 1970, and roughly translates into English as "big ride". And, of course, traditionally (as with all events in Italy) a large meal is served to the participants at the end of the event.




Eager to try out a Bianchi bike for yourself

Here's your big chance! Join us on one of our fun, inspirational bike tours.

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Written by Carol Sicbaldi

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