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Weird Things You Must See (or Try) in Italy

Italy is famous for many well-known things: classical art, opera, gelato, Rome, espresso, the Colosseum, the Vatican and of course, cycling! But there is so much more to see and try that’s a little "off" and certainly not part of the mainstream travel trails. Here are our top picks for the best awesomely weird, pleasantly wacky, and delightfully unusual dishes to try and places to see in Italy!

Food, Places

Spring Gets Even Sweeter On A "Giro del Gelato" Trip

Spring will be in the air before we know it. Gelato is one the sweetest ways we can celebrate this great season of abundance: amazing colors, flavors, classic, and unusual combinations. Our trips in Sicily, Southern Amalfi and Bike Across Southern Italy are toppling over with the absolute BEST gelaterie––in the world! Read on as two of our Top Guides tell the stories of the faces behind the counter.

Top 5 Reasons To Travel To Europe In The Spring


These are the top 5 realizations that convince all of us here at Ciclismo Classico that la primavera—“the springtime”—is the absolute best time to be in Europe.


5 Reasons An E-Bike Tour Is Perfect For You

You’ve dreamed about biking in Italy, but were worried about those long climbs...the famous hills! On an e-bike you will fly up those babies. No kidding. Read on to learn all about the mind-set that is quickly changing around this conversation and the cool benefits of the ever-growing-popular e-bike solution. 

eBike, Spring

What To Expect On A Photo Tour


People are curious about what is involved in taking a photography tour. "Am I expert enough? Will it be too technical? What do the days look like?" These are some of the typical questions we get from inquiring or first time photo tour travelers. If you haven't experienced this type of trip before you will be pleasantly surprised at the combined creatively and activity involved. Take a look here to our responses to some of your inquisitive questions:

Photography, Photography Tips, Photo Tips, Argentina

Riding Bikes: The Perfect Special Occasion Trip

Looking for that perfect destination to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, family reunion, retirement or any other great life milestone?

In her own words, Ciclismo Classico three-time guest Melora Hutton shares her recent story of a very unique July family trip in one of Italy's best kept secret corners: the Sud Tirol, land of the Dolomites and some of the most beautiful scenery you've ever seen. This unique spot–and many others on the Ciclismo Classico map–provide a perfect backdrop for creating an unforgettable event.

family, sud tyrol, dolomites

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