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From expertly written articles about fitness, health, culture, and bicycle travel to the latest news about our Ciclismo Classico bike tours, La Piazza promises to engage, inspire, and delight.

Henry Seamans

Henry Seamans

Recent Posts

How To: Garmin Edge GPS

New this year are our Garmin Edge Touring GPS navigators! They are complimentary with all carbon fiber upgrades, or an additional $30 upon request with all other bikes. Intended to provide a hands-off navigating experience, giving you more time to soak in your surroundings, pedal harder, and chat with friends, while spending less time fiddling with a map, the GPS is a must-have for those who want the most out of their ride!

Bike Tours, GPS, Garmin, How To

Staff Picks: Henry Seamans

Welcome to part 2 of our Staff Picks! Here we outline the tours our US staff members have been on, what they liked most, and tours they hope to go on. Henry joined Ciclismo in March of 2015 and while he has not done a tour yet, he is already learning a lot about the industry. One day he hopes to see all sides of this business, and who knows, maybe join a tour or two.

Bike Tours

It's National Bike to Work Week!

National Bike to Work Week is this week and we want to make sure everyone considers the opportunity. For starters, there are a number of economic/environmental reasons to consider when deciding whether or not to ride your bike.

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