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From expertly written articles about fitness, health, culture, and bicycle travel to the latest news about our Ciclismo Classico bike tours, La Piazza promises to engage, inspire, and delight.

Lauren Hefferon

Lauren Hefferon

Recent Posts

L'Eroica - Reconnect with Classic Cycling

Ciclismo classico, or classic cycling in Italian, is the theme of L'Eroica. This wonderful cycling festival celebrates the heart, soul, and traditions of cycling.

tuscany, Tuscany & L'Eroica, Eroica

Picture Perfect: Top Active Photo Journeys


Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a passionate iPhone hobbyist, a photo adventure is less about the photo you take and much more about the once-in-a lifetime experience you have as you capture hundreds of unique moments in the world's most spectacular locations.

Our mission is to give you countless active opportunities to capture your passion in the world's most iconic places. 

You Deserve to Follow Your Passions

In the words of Ciclismo Classico's Founder Lauren Hefferon, "life should always be active, fun, delicious, educational, flowing, strengthening, energizing, and deeply connected to beautiful places and their people." If you haven't yet experienced such places from the seat of a bicycle––the dream is out there, waiting for you. With a personal guarantee for joy and her innate words of wisdom, Lauren shares how she followed her passions, and why taking just a few steps towards your dream can make that first imagined adventure a reality.

Bike Tours, Photo Tours

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Iconic Argentina for Your Next Adventure

If you like peaceful and stunning landscapes, native wildlife, and colorful cultures, here are the top ten reasons why Argentina should be at the top of your photo-tour bucket list. The second-largest country in South America and the eighth largest in the world, Argentina is the home of the Tango, the Pampas, the Andes Mountains, a fascinating Pre-Inca history, the world’s highest vineyards, Magellan penguins, and a welcoming culture. As the specialists in Argentina travel, our award-winning Travel Vision Journeys offer the best of this magical and photogenic country.

Guide to the Picture-Perfect Trip

As spring and summer approaches our urge to explore and travel grows.  If you enjoy capturing the world with your smart phone or digital camera, I'd like to share some of my favorite photo and visual resources to inspire and guide you towards photographic opportunities and taking better pictures and invite you to join us on a Travel Vision Journey in 2017.

20 Photos to Inspire You to Go to Sardinia

Take a bike tour of Sardinia, one of the most captivating islands in the world! I am delighted to introduce you to Sardinian photographer Alessandro Carboni, who poetically brings his native island alive with his stunning photos.


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