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The Best Moments from 'Bike Across England'

Posted by Carol Sicbaldi

bike tourOur maiden voyage of Bike Across England was wildly successful on all fronts. Great weather, stunning scenery, and hearty and delicious meals that we washed down with the best bottled brews and cask ales to be found in northern England, Read on to see Ciclismo Classico guests and guides share their favorite moments during our British bike tour.

“Nor, England! did I know 'til then / What love I bore to thee”

So wrote English Romantic poet William Wordsworth upon leaving his beloved homeland.

In England, a patchwork of various hues of greens, violets, and browns define generations-old shires and farmlands, making the riding on our trip so exceptional. Every bit of road—from the climb up the Kirkstone Pass to the beautiful Moors ablaze with heather en route to Whitby—is an absolute treat. The city visits are led by personable, entertaining, and fun local guides and the food is nothing less than delectable.

Does it get any better than this?

bike tour

“This was truly a beautiful trip. Some of the prettiest rides I have ever done. Enrico and Henrick did a masterful job of finding quiet farm roads that greatly enhanced the experience.” -Jim V.


“This was an excellent trip—spectacular, unparalleled beauty. We will return to England because of this trip. Without a doubt, the most beautiful rides and scenery. This trip is a keeper! It was outstanding.” -Deb & Bill S.


Henrick, one of the trip's guides, beamingly recounts one of his favorite moments on tour: "I absolutely loved the visit with the shepherd in Hawes, who demonstrated the art of sheep-dog trials and introduced the group to the world of sheep farming, which is an important part of the lives of the people in the area. Richard is none other than an English international who travels the world teaching and attending sheep-dog trials. He’s also famous for his appearance on the BBC. Our time spent with him was a great insight into an unknown world for our guests, which they found both fascinating and different."


Our most recent “Bike Across” tour installment crosses England west to east, not far from Hadrian’s Wall. We can't say enough about Bike Across England and our guests say it's a must see and do bike tour. 

Bike Across England  


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bike across england

Written by Carol Sicbaldi

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