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Benvenuta Pro Cyclist Fabiana Luperini!

Posted by Carol Sicbaldi

bicycle vacation

We are pleased to share that former World Champion and Professional Cyclist Fabiana Luperini has joined the Ciclismo Classico guide team and will be leading biking vacations with us. This fall, she, along with Top Guide Sandro Draghi, will lead her first bike tour, our final Assaggio Toscana departure of the 2017 season.

With five Giro d'Italia Femminile wins, three Tour de France victories, and a long career of amazing race accomplishments, Fabiana is the "most humble, unassuming bicycle tour guide imaginable," according to one guest on tour.

So, welcome–benvenuta–Fabiana! We're thrilled. It's an absolute treat to ride with a champion–una campionessa.

bicycle vacation

Fabiana's 3rd Tour de France victory in 1997

Fabiana Luperini won the Giro d'Italia Femminile with four consecutive victories in 1995–1998, plus a fifth ten years later, in 2008. She has won the Grande Boucle Féminine three times consecutively, from 1995 to 1997. In 1998, she won the Tour de l'Aude, and in 2006 she won the lurreta-Emakumeen Bira.

The 43-year old was born in Pontedera, so she is a Tuscany native. Coached by her father as a little girl, Fabiana began racing at the young age of seven years old. That same year, she was hit by a truck (not racing, but just riding) and received many stitches in her knee. With fierce determination and amazing talent, she persevered on and continued to race and ride for nearly another 20 years.

Known for her excellent climbing skills, Fabiana was nicknamed "Pantanina" (after the famous Marco Pantani, otherwise known as il Pirata, 1970-2004).

bicycle vacation

bicycle vacation

La Pantanina

Fabiana shares: "Guiding tours is a beautiful experience that allows me to do the thing that I love most and at the same time see new places and learn more about my own culture and others. She humbly adds, "This was my very first tour and although I have no problems with the riding or teaching/training and sharing part of cycling, I want to improve in other areas."

bicycle vacationFabiana on the road with the Asaaggio Toscana group. Photo: Sandro Draghi

"This experience is so unique to me. It’s a different way to ride compared to my riding approach all those years while racing. I was able to stop for a coffee with guests, really appreciate and enjoy incredible landscapes here in Italy, and in particular, Tuscany."

She continues: "One highlight of the trip for me was the day we did the big climb to Cortona, and the guests were nervous about not making or finishing the climb. When they did make it to the top, it was a real victory not only for them but for us as guides. A special, fantastic moment!"

bicycle vacation

Top Guide Sandro Draghi with La Campionessa on tour in Tuscany. Photo: Sandro Draghi

"When some guests on the trip learned that I had won five Giro d’Italia and three Tour de France races, a bunch of them went back to their rooms later and googled me. But it was very flattering as they wanted to take photos with me, engage in my cycling tips and advice, and were appreciative of what I was able to share with them, what I brought to the trip. 

I’m truly looking forward to leading more tours for Ciclismo Classico in the future."

bicycle vacation

The group embraced Fabiana. Photo: Sandro Draghi

Find out more about our popular Assaggio Toscana tour and stay tuned for

other biking vacations led by Fabiana Luperini.



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