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Cycling Safety Guide

Posted by Francesca Loomis

On every Ciclismo Classico active tour your safety is our first priority. Please read through these guidelines in order to become familiar with rules for cyclists and ensure that you have a happy and healthy cycling trip!


Ride on the correct side of the road. To ride opposite traffic is against the law and exceedingly dangerous.

Obey all traffic signs and signals. This includes stop signs, one-way streets, stoplights, and caution signs.

Ride in single file. Always ride in single file near the edge of the road. Avoid swerving from side to side or weaving through traffic. Maintain a safe distance between you and the rider preceding you. Most accidents happen between riders riding too close to one another.


Be constantly alert. Anticipate the movements of surrounding traffic, particularly cars that pull into your path out of parking spots, driveways, or side streets. Be vigilant for the actions of pedestrians. Watch far ahead so that you will not be taken by surprise.

Listen constantly for traffic approaching from all sides as well as out of your line of vision.

Slow down at street crossings. Look both ways to check traffic before crossing.

Use hand signals to warn those behind of your intention to turn or stop. Use audible signals to warn those of your approach. Yell out a very loud “hey” if a car or pedestrian doesn’t see you.

Maintain full control at all times. Don’t carry items that interfere with your vision or encumber your steering.

Maintain your bicycle in mechanical perfection with brakes, wheels, tires, saddle, gears, nuts, and attachments securely tightened.

See and be seen. Wear bright colored jerseys on order to be seen by motorists.


Be courteous to other road users, but don’t assume that all drivers you meet will be as well mannered and observant as you are. Always remember that you are the lighter vehicle. Make eye contact with drivers at intersections and at traffic circles.

Be aware of road conditions, when riding on a wet road or where loose gravel is present you should adjust your speed in order to be in safe control. In those conditions you lose braking efficiency and tires tend to skid. Use extra caution when going downhill.

Stay hydrated. Drink water throughout the ride. If you are not comfortable reaching for your water bottle during the ride we encourage you to pull over and stop.


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Written by Francesca Loomis

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