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Ditch the Bucket List and Invest in New Experiences

Posted by Joe Luchison


When we enter into a new year, we celebrate, we relax, we reflect, we plan with a new found introspective. We often say, “out with the old, in with the new”. 

The remarkable fact about enriching experiences like traveling, riding our bikes through a striking landscape on a sunny day, meeting new and engaging friends, tasting our favorite foods and so many other experiences that we love so much, is that we can’t just get rid of old ones. Those past experiences become a part of us forever and continue to gain value.

It’s like when you travel to a place for a first time and you love it so much that you say “I’ll definitely come back here”, and the reality is many of us never do. But when we return to a place we love, that love becomes rekindled in a whole new way.

Taking a dive in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sicily

"Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods."

- Dr. Thomas Gilovich

Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, has studied the question of happiness, money, and their impact on people. We were particularly intrigued by his findings. Here are our Top 4 Highlights from his study on why you should spend money on experiences, not things:

  1. Our assumption that buying a prized physical object will make us happier due to its longevity, as compared to a single experience, is completely wrong.
  2. Over the long term, we are much happier when we invest in experiences like going to an art exhibit, doing an outdoor activity, learning a skill, or traveling, than when we buy the newest iPhone or fancy car.
  3. Your experiences are really part of you. We are the sum total of our experiences.
  4. You become more connected to people you share an experience with, even when the other person isn’t with you.

So, this is your time to ditch the bucket list! This year we’re pleased to introduce you to a new cycling experinece, whether it's your first bike tour, or your first time visiting a place you've always dreamed of. Take a peek at our tour calendar for a listing of all of our 2016 tours.

Tour Calendar

Bike Tours, New Year

Written by Joe Luchison

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