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On Stage This Week: Our 5 Trophy Trips

Posted by Carol Sicbaldi

Ciclismo Classico was born on a bicycle in Italy, so cycling and the Italian spirit is at the heart and soul of every place we visit. We use the bike to transport us from A to B; to give us energy; to inspire youthful memories and curiosity; and to encourage us to slow down, discover, explore, and savor every moment and place that our pedaling takes us to. We now have over 35 cycling itineraries across Italy and Europe!

But it's not only about great trip design. We call our "World’s Greatest Guides" as such because these unique individuals go above and beyond the call of duty. We can’t say enough about their charisma, rave guest reviews, extra efforts (and miles), social media fans, dedication, local knowledge, and expertise––all wrapped up into one extensive bundle of greatness! All of our guides are ultra-experienced and superbly professional tour leaders. With an average tenure of 11 years with us, our guides are passionate, knowledgeable, and most of all, fun, which is important when you’re spending all day—and dinner each night—together!

Check out these dazzling prize-winning trips. And, it's not by chance that there's a "bike across" theme running strong here.



Awarded "Trip of the Year" by Outside Magazine, this perfect southern sequel to the popular Bike Across Italy bike tour follows an intriguing southern route moving east to west, covering four enchanting regions: Puglia, Basilicata, Campania, and Calabria. Discover an Italy you never imagined on this magical cycling trip. Deluxe accommodations await at the end of each day’s adventure on our cycling tour. Highlight: we begin/end with a night each in Palinuro and Maratea, two of Italy’s most beautiful coastal towns, so you can enjoy the area’s forests and beach coves, friendly residents, and welcoming trattorie and seafood restaurants. 




Outside Magazine called this food lover's bliss trip "the trip of the year." Clearly no bicycle tour brings you closer to the spirit, the people, and the treasures of the Italy’s famed Piedmont: we cycle lesser-traveled country roads through the emerald valleys and vineyard-laden hillsides of Barolo and Monforte, framed by majestic views of the Alps, and of Dolcetto, Cortese and Moscato.




Awarded "Best Foodie Destination" by Outside Magazine, this addition to our "Bike Across" series is also a beer lover's paradise. There's nothing quite like biking through Belgium’s contrasting landscape of flatlands in Flanders and the rolling hills in French speaking Wallonia. It's truly a cyclist’s dream, and home to arguably the most scenic cycling (and best beer) in Europe. 



france google ad-1

Awarded "50 Tours of a Lifetime" by National Geographic, the three regions of France—Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrenees, and Languedoc-Roussillion—featured on this bike tour rival the best of Italy for its storied history, thousand castles, lush green scenery, stone villages, excellent wines, and hearty provincial cuisine. 

And there's a wine-lovers BONUS!

For the wine-loving cyclist who dreams of whizzing by storybook castles along lush green countryside, nothing can match the excellence and wine pairings of our evening meals while we bike across France. This part of the trip is brought to a superior level with special tastings and exposure to a diverse collection of superior French wines.  



marcellomechanic-477698-editedOutside Magazine writes: "A masseur, sommelier, and former half-Ironman national ­champion, the Italy-based ­Bonini learned how to cycle before he could write."  With years of record praise, our 52-year-old Top Guide ­has led close hundreds of trips. Outside Magazine quotes Marcello as saying: "Whatever I learn, I try to share, and people on a bike have to listen. They can’t run away from me,” he said. Among many other trips, Marcello Bonini is the specialist for Ciclismo’s 11-day, 350-mile Bike Across Italy. This coast-to-coast cycling tour is one of our most popular and historical bike tours in Italy. You'll pass through Le Marche, Umbria, Lazio, and Tuscany—four regions celebrated for their rich history, distinctive local cuisines, and absolutely stunning panoramas.

Explore medieval towns and take part in traditions as old as time itself! National Geographic Adventure magazine calls it our signature trip.

We call it a Ciclismo Classico Classic.



Written by Carol Sicbaldi

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