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Pedal in Gran Canaria

Posted by Lauren Lasky

Cycling Gran Canaria was the most enchanting experience of my adult life. I mean, where else in the world can you hop on your bike from under a grove of palm trees and spin along the edge of a volcanic crater in the middle of the sea?

On this tour we explored an immense mystical garden of unique native cacti and birds, and ascended from the desert up into majestic pine forests of the National Park of Tamadbada. I savored every moment of a 15 mile climb simply because the scenery was so spectacular. I was awed and fascinated with the dramatic landscapes, ever changing micro-climates, and soaring views, and I can't forget the switchbacks that rival the Stelvio pass. We climbed the island summit by bike! Pico de las Nieves, the Peak of Snows - you'll feel on top of the world and savor the exhilarating descents.  

With so many amazing destinations still to visit, I almost never choose the same place twice. However, Gran Canaria was a truly a magical and intriguing cycling experience and I would love to ride there again soon. The beauty, awe, and unique character of this island are beyond words. It's truly a must-see for the adventurous cyclist. If you can, you should cycle Gran Canaria while it's still a best kept secret and cycling oasis! 

Are you up for the challenge?!

Gran Canaria

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Written by Lauren Lasky

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