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Preparing for a Ciclismo Classico Bike Tour

Posted by Beppe Salerno


So, you want to take a cycling vacation, perhaps a tour with Ciclismo Classico, and you’re thinking, "Am I going to be ready?” Here are some helpful tips from General Manager and Cycling Guide Beppe Salerno to help you prepare.

Some helpful tips:

  1. Be realistic: if you haven’t been on a bike for the past 10 years, don't jump into a Dolomite adventure with 5000 ft of elevation per day. We always ask people about their fitness level to match them to the perfect tour. If you do not cycle regularly, we recommend 4-6 weeks of light to advanced trainining before your departure, which could be anything from riding your bike to work to participating in local bike sporting events.

  2. Ciclismo tour consultants can guide you to the right type of bike tour based on your fitness level and the type of terrain you are used to. I often ask what rides guests do at home to gauge their fitness level and experience, and gather some information about the bike they ride at home. 

  3. It’s fun going on vacation! You are not training for a race; you are going to have time to rest and take in the local scenery while sipping local wines by the pool. With Ciclismo you can always hop in the van if you wish to skip a day of riding.

  4. Assess you current health status. 

  5. Sleeping well and eating healthy are great habits to add to preparing for your bicycle tour, but also life in general.

  6. Get fitted: riding a bike that is right for you makes all the difference. That does not mean you need an expensive or super light bike. It’s more like putting on your favorite pair of jeans or your best running shoes. Have an experienced friend or your bike shop fit you on your bike. If you are not taking that bike on tour, transfer the information to Ciclismo. We will have your bike fitted the same way so your ride will be comfortable.

  7. For intermediate to advanced cyclists, you can add cross training -- yoga, Pilates, weight lifting -- to your work out, but don't forget about the bicycle! If you have the time, do these after you complete your workout on the bike.

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Written by Beppe Salerno

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