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Staff Picks: Barb Patterson

Posted by Barb Patterson

This is part 4 of our Staff Picks blog series! Here we outline the tours our US staff members have been on, what they liked most, and tours they hope to go on. I joined Ciclismo in 2007 while I was living the adventure travelers dream. In 2010 I relocated to southern California because I could experience my love of hiking and biking year round. I work remote in CA and I have explored more than 40 foreign countries. I have been to 6 of the 7 continent but I still have many places left to travel to. Here are my top tours:

1) Ireland's Dramatic West Coast

My family is from Donegal the province of Ulster known as the "Fort of Foreigners" so this trip appeals to my Irish roots, my love of castles, and the mouth watering local beers. The Irish people always tell a good tale and they will show you the local folklore and love of dancing when you stop for a pint at a local pub.


Ireland's Dramatic West Coast

There is nothing better than biking through the countryside exploring and seeing the amazing castles, cliffs, and coastlines this country has to offer. Several highlights of this trip include the spectacular views of Galway Bay, the Burren, the Aran Islands and the Cliffs of Moher. You will enjoy the hearty cuisine while enjoying a pint!

2) Mediterranean Island Hopping

This trip is an island lover's paradise because you get to explore the charm of Sardinia and Corsica. While exploring the coastal routes by bike you will be immersed in the local Italian and French cultures. The seafood cuisine and local wines will have you coming back for more!


Mediterranean Island Hopping

Experience the turquoise blue coves, remote beaches, and lush landscapes these Islands have to offer while learning each Island's fascinating history. 

3) Heart of Tuscany

This region of Italy offers riding through lush countryside, rolling hills and exploring the Chianti vineyards. My favorite stop on this trip is Siena with a stop in the countryside to taste some of the fabulous local wines... coupled with an authentic cooking lesson. The food in this region is fantastic!


I am happy to speak with you about this tour!

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You will be immersed in the Tuscan life while exploring the rolling hills by bike, sipping the Chianti wines and visiting the quaint towns of Radda and Siena.

4) Amalfi Stroll & Roll

The Amalfi Coast is a favorite area of mine since you get to explore it by hiking and biking. You will experience the blue Mediterranean waters while exploring the cliff side villages. The hiking trails pass along the beautiful coastlines, olives trees, and sandy beaches.



You will enjoy the savory southern cuisine and local wines of this region. Explore the best this region has to offer by visiting Positano, Ravello, Capri, and Paestum. Don't miss trying the locally-made limoncello, Amalfi's lemon liqueur.  

5) Austria & Czech Republic

This trip offers amazing scenery and charm while biking along the Danube river one of my favorite picnic spots. When your exploring the local bike paths you will enjoy the quaint, medieval towns while experiencing the hearty cuisine and the thirst quenching brews. 


Austria & Czech Republic

You will also experience several of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Salzburg, Holasovice, and Prague. I love the charm this region has to offer.

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Written by Barb Patterson

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