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Ciclismo's Mediterranean Island Hopping Tour was the Catalyst for our Love Affair with Corsica

By Jay Jacobson

Originally posted on 1/6/2010: As someone who has traveled to about 100 countries (and cycled in over 50 of them!) I am frequently asked “What is your favorite place to bike?” I am hard pressed to come up with a venue I enjoyed more than Corsica. It epitomizes the Mediterranean region. Although it is now part of France, it represents a fusion of French, Italian and Corsican cultures, history, languages, terrain, cuisine and love of cycling.

Bike Tours, Islands, Sardinia, Corsica, Island Hopping

Staff Picks: Barb Patterson

This is part 4 of our Staff Picks blog series! Here we outline the tours our US staff members have been on, what they liked most, and tours they hope to go on. I joined Ciclismo in 2007 while I was living the adventure travelers dream. In 2010 I relocated to southern California because I could experience my love of hiking and biking year round.

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