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Winterize Your Cycling Training

Ciclismo Classico Annual Jingle Ride in Boston

It’s almost that time of year again. When you wake up to icy-cold mornings and head home in the dark at 4:30 p.m. We've put on our thinking caps for the most creative—and enjoyable—winter cycling training plans guaranteed to keep you moving during the long winter months.

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How To: Garmin Edge GPS

New this year are our Garmin Edge Touring GPS navigators! They are complimentary with all carbon fiber upgrades, or an additional $30 upon request with all other bikes. Intended to provide a hands-off navigating experience, giving you more time to soak in your surroundings, pedal harder, and chat with friends, while spending less time fiddling with a map, the GPS is a must-have for those who want the most out of their ride!

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Climbing Tips for Intermediate to Advanced Tours

Most cyclists new to European terrain tend to try to do the hills too fast and, as a result, get tired and/or discouraged before reaching the top. Finding your OWN pace and having the right attitude about hills is key. Ride the hill like it will last all day (in other words, don't be in a hurry for hills to end). Also, think about how great you will feel when you get to the top, how gorgeous the view will be, and the thrill of the downhill. 

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