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Top 10 Ciclismo Classico 2019 Trips

What a wonderful year 2018 was at Ciclismo Classico! We launched new trips, perfected our existing ones and most importantly, fulfilled our number ONE annual company goal: to deliver transformational bicycling experiences that exceed our guest's expectations in every way. With 30 years of experience in creating the world's most beloved bicycle tours, we have much to celebrate and be excited for in 2019. Buon Anno!

Staff Picks, New Year

Ditch the Bucket List and Invest in New Experiences

When we enter into a new year, we celebrate, we relax, we reflect, we plan with a new found introspective. We often say, “out with the old, in with the new”. 

Bike Tours, New Year

Winter Shminter: Top 5 Reasons to Ride Off-Season

The winter of 2014-15 proved to be one of the wildest for the United States and Canada. Parts of the West experienced some of the warmest and least snowy conditions, while the East suffered the snowiest and coldest winters on record.

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