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Just Say "Cheese" to these Champion Island Curds

When on bike tours in Italy, it’s hard to determine the definitive “big cheese.” When talking about Italian cheeses, a lot needs to be considered because every town in every province in every region has its own whey of processing cow, goat, or sheep’s milk. However, the Italian island cheeses are as good (if not, better than!) as many of the popular northern archetypes. They are considered some of the richest, oldest, and most unique cheeses in the world.


Post-tour Reflections: La Bella Sicilia

CC Tour Leaders Gabriel Del Rossi and Giuseppe (Peppe) Esposto recently finished the last La Bella Sicilia trip of our 2016 season. Here are a few of their trip reflections, favorite 'wow' moments and highlights. Sicily never ceases to amaze us all in her relentless glory and astonishing beauty!

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Staff Picks: Francesca Loomis

This is part 3 of our Staff Picks blog series! Here we outline the tours our US staff members have been on, what they liked most, and tours they hope to go on. I joined Ciclismo in March of 2014 and am excited to go on my first Ciclismo Classico bike tour this September to Croatia, a corner of the world I have never been to.

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Top 5 Harvest Tours

The grape harvest, or vendemmia, is an important and deeply-rooted Italian cultural tradition where local producers begin harvesting the fruit of their labor. It is an evocative time to travel to Italy; hillsides are cloaked in ready-to-pick grapes, and a fragrance of fermenting wine permeates the air as you cycle along quiet country roads.

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