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Deals on Flights to Europe Predicted this Summer

There's never been a better time to visit Europe. Why? Because summer flights to this spectacular part of the world will be the cheapest they've been in three years, according to Kayak.com's annual Travel Hacker Guide. This is such great news for anyone planning a bike tour with us, that we had to share what we've heard about this travel trend.

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6 Easy Steps: How to Get Through TSA Airport Security in 15 Minutes

Oh, the dreaded TSA line. It's the last thing that stands between you and your flight. We've spent a lot of time at airports and standing in line. With all this time waiting, we've noticed that people are constantly making the same mistake. Through careful observation and testing it myself, we've come up with a few simple strategies on how to get through the TSA security line as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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13 Essential Tips for Surviving the Airport

You booked your tour and it's been confirmed. Your trip is months away so you purchase your flight. Before you know it, you're one week away from departing and you realize you should probably start packing. It's the night before departing and you're scurrying around last-minute to find your passport, converter, and whatever item you previously thought you didn't need but now you're not sure so you pack it anyways.

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Cold Weather Riding Tips

As with any winter outdoor activity, layering is key. Fortunately, Ciclismo Classico tours run spring through fall in Europe so you usually won't need to layer up unless you have selected an advanced tour in, let's say, the Pyrenees or French Alps, where you will reach high altitudes and lower temperatures.

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