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10 Films Set in Beautiful Tuscany

La pazza gioia (Like Crazy), 2016

Watching films from a foreign land can be akin to traveling. You discover that some things are universally true, that people all over the world share fundamental experiences, and dance to common themes. At the same time, you discover that every culture is particular and that to truly understand a place you must immerse yourself in realms that are strange and disorientating. Our beloved Tuscany encompasses a multifaceted culture whose complexity is manifest in the films set and shot there. Have a look at this special list.


Carol's Hip & Hidden Florence

After living in Italy for 17 years, with the last 7 spent in Tuscany just outside of Florence, I have spent quite a bit of time in my beloved Renaissance city exploring the endless treasures of this artistic, colorful haven and center of bellezza (beauty).

Read on to learn about a few (almost) secret corners and my most favorite hang-outs.

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Staff Picks: Barb Patterson

This is part 4 of our Staff Picks blog series! Here we outline the tours our US staff members have been on, what they liked most, and tours they hope to go on. I joined Ciclismo in 2007 while I was living the adventure travelers dream. In 2010 I relocated to southern California because I could experience my love of hiking and biking year round.

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Top 5 Harvest Tours

The grape harvest, or vendemmia, is an important and deeply-rooted Italian cultural tradition where local producers begin harvesting the fruit of their labor. It is an evocative time to travel to Italy; hillsides are cloaked in ready-to-pick grapes, and a fragrance of fermenting wine permeates the air as you cycle along quiet country roads.

harvest, vino, wine, bike tour, Italy, brunello, truffle, grapes, vineyard, agriturismo, tuscany, puglia, sicily, piedmont, chianti, olive oil, olive, slow food

What is an Agriturismo?

Have you seen or heard word agriturismo pop up in conversations? Are you looking for an authentic Italian experience? We're here to answer your questions about agriturismo's {agree-tour-ismo} and offer some insight into this unique and highly-valued style of Italian vacationing.

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