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L'Eroica - Reconnect with Classic Cycling

Ciclismo classico, or classic cycling in Italian, is the theme of L'Eroica. This wonderful cycling festival celebrates the heart, soul, and traditions of cycling.

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Forever Young: Liza Cotter

This week the spotlight shines on Liza Cotter, a recent guest on our Heart of Tuscany tour. Joy and enthusiasm just spill over her. Ciclismo guide Alessandro Draghi described Liza to me in two words: "Grandissima donna!"  Larger than life. 

Splitting her time between Lake Tahoe and Florida, Liza shares her approach to life, cycling, and her ricetta (recipe) to staying happily forever young. 

Forever Young, Heart of Tuscany, tuscany

La Madia Winery: Organic Living, Tuscan Style 

Take a sneak peek at a NEW vineyard visit we’ve added to our Assaggio Toscana bike tour. The small, organic winery offers our guests an intimate view into how a family in Tuscany has turned the business of making wine into more than just a hobby...it’s undoubtedly a deep passion shared by the entire clan.

Podere La Madia farm is a family-run business located in the Valdarno–in Arezzo’s province, along the Setteponti road on the Pratomagno slopes–and right at the start of our Assaggio Toscana bike tour. Read on to learn all about this special place and the family behind it all.

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16 Iconic Gems to Check Out in Tuscany

Pizza, gelato, and Ferrari have become the Italian icons—images our minds muster up when we think about Italy. But, if we get more specific in identifying the symbols that convey Tuscany itself, there are many you wouldn't imagine originated here on Ciclismo Classico's home turf. The list is a long one, so we've chosen sixteen of our favorites. 


The Art of Seduction in Tuscany

Everything about Tuscany is seductive: the climate, the food, the wine, the scenery. There is even something alluring about the Italian language. The paintings and sculptures in Tuscany’s museums, churches, and piazzas are overwhelming in their beauty and, to be frank, often more than just a little sexy. The human form is celebrated here in all its glory. So if you too appreciate an athletic body or an enigmatic gaze, check out some of these aesthetically stunning creations.


10 Films Set in Beautiful Tuscany

La pazza gioia (Like Crazy), 2016

Watching films from a foreign land can be akin to traveling. You discover that some things are universally true, that people all over the world share fundamental experiences, and dance to common themes. At the same time, you discover that every culture is particular and that to truly understand a place you must immerse yourself in realms that are strange and disorientating. Our beloved Tuscany encompasses a multifaceted culture whose complexity is manifest in the films set and shot there. Have a look at this special list.


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