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Aldo's Plan of Attack For Winter Cycling

For the last 17 years, the "man behind the scenes" at the Ciclismo Classico base in Italy has been Aldo Papini. As our in-house Tuscan bike mechanic, Aldo is a wealth of information when it comes to easier winter cycling and plain old 'tender loving' bike care. To help you stay motivated to ride during the winter, we've also included Top Guide Enrico Pizzorni's tips for proper dress and layers during inclement weather conditions.

Best advice of all: Don't stop riding!

Winter, Cycling Tips

Winter Shminter: Top 5 Reasons to Ride Off-Season

The winter of 2014-15 proved to be one of the wildest for the United States and Canada. Parts of the West experienced some of the warmest and least snowy conditions, while the East suffered the snowiest and coldest winters on record.

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