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What is a Confirmed Tour and What are the Benefits?

Posted by Francesca Loomis


What is a confirmed - or guaranteed - tour? Confirmed tours are dates that have been selected by us that have a very high probability of reaching the minimum group size for us to run the tour and for you to receive the best Ciclismo Classico experience. These tours are confirmed as much as a year in advance, compared to our regularly scheduled tours which are confirmed around 90 days prior to departure. 

When you place your deposit for a confirmed tour, you have the green light to make your pre and post travel plans and even book your flight with our personal guarantee that your tour will run!

Benefits of a confirmed tour

  • Better deals on flights since you have more time to plan
  • You can plan your pre and post tour travel immediately
  • Request time off work much more in advance
  • Less stress on you, your family, or your travel companion

We invite you to browse our selection of confirmed tours. You may also organize a group of 6 or more and we will confirm your trip immediately! 

Confirmed Tours 

Please review our policies for more information or contact a Travel Consultant at 800-866-7314.

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Written by Francesca Loomis

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