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Bragging Rights

Posted by Carol Sicbaldi


Every once in a while it's good to boast and brag, especially when our bragging is all about happy guests who have just returned from their trip! Guest testimonials have been streaming in this summer with tall tales, high scores for guides and endless accolades on every Ciclismo Classico trip. We thought we'd proudly share a sampling of things our guests have been saying. The proof is surely in the pudding!

"This was our first tour ever and it far exceeded our expectations! Had a fairlytale experience that I did not want to end. I hope I was as good an ambassador for my country (USA) as all the wonderful people I met on this tour were for their country (Italy!) I felt welcomed, accepted and completely blessed to be part of this experience."

–Shaun B., Assaggio Toscana tour



"This was a fantastic trip—we were all impressed with the roads, gradients and Spanish experience. I did not know what to expect... pleasantly surprised and enjoyed; positive experience and recommend. Gabe and Alessandro are awesome and a great guide pair! Thank you for another amazing trip!

–Tim W., Costa Brava tour


 Photo by John Walker

"Thanks for a fabulous trip. You have set the gold standard for all biking trips to come."

–Linda B., La Bella Puglia tour


"I particularly enjoyed the early morning in Arezzo when I met and spoke Italian with an old man, who had thought I was lost. He introduced me to his dogs and took me for an espresso in the main square with his friends… and all this happened before breakfast!"

Amy H., Assaggio Toscana tour     




"Fantastic. The best of all the rides that we've done (with anyone). From a cyclist's perspective, the roads were both scenic and also very well chosen from a road surface, traffic and technical perspective. Great food and first-rate accommodations. Really well done. We also lucked out on the group dynamic, as everyone just clicked."

–Mike G., Bike Across France tour


"Ciclismo's glam of their guides as their 'secret sauce' was proven true and we loved the total immersion into culture with visits to agriturismi, small vinitori, and dinner at Serena's outside Siena."


"Our trip was magical! Thank you!"

–Keith S., Heart of Tuscany tour


"I loved the extras: mini lessons in Italian language, food, history, culture, the wine tastings, and the way both guides turned chance events and encounters into a little window of life in Italy."

–Priscilla B., Bike Across Italy tour 


"You have exceeded my expectations in all areas. I cannot think of a thing that you could improve. Your outstanding guides definitely set you apart—[they] make you the very best tour company. I look forward to my next adventure trip with you!"

–Sandra G., Bike Across Italy tour


"After only an hour into the trip, I could clearly see that biking is really only a part of all that we would experience. Undoubtedly, this will become an enduring part of our lives for years to come and will spawn many further educational adventures."

–Richard T., Mediterranean Island Hopping tour


"The sense of camaraderie and friendship was an added bonus on top of the great food, wine and beautiful French countryside." 

–Harold T., Divine Provence tour



"Italian Lakes is a superb experience of the beautiful lakes against dramatic mountains. We really enjoyed going into Switzerland as well. This trip is excellent for biking enthusiasts. Alessandro and Luca did a fine job!"

–Tim W., Italian Lakes tour


"I love what I call the 'culture' of Ciclismo tours: the quality of guests that Ciclismo uniquely attracts, the guides who are wonderful people and eager to share their communities, grace, skills and companionship, and special events, and, of course, the excellent cycling! A traveler can easily pay more, but will not have a richer experience."

–Juliann T., Savor Sardinia tour


"The guides and the intimate sightseeing experience cycling through beautiful scenery, smelling the smells, meeting locals and getting a sense for the day-to-day life of the people made for a perfect vacation."

–Lisa P., Assaggio Toscana tour


"The Ciclismo guides worked very had to ensure we had a great experience on and off the bike."

–Marla L., La Bella Puglia tour


"The weather was perfect and the islands were exquisite: wild flowers, green fields, blue water, and spectacular mountains! In addition, our guides were knowledgeable, lovely, warm, and personable—simply great!"

–Patrice M., Mediterranean Island Hopping tour

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