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What To Expect On A Photo Tour

Posted by Carol Sicbaldi

People are curious about what is involved in taking a photography tour. "Am I expert enough? Will it be too technical? What do the days look like?" These are some of the typical questions we get from inquiring or first time photo tour travelers. If you haven't experienced this type of trip before you will be pleasantly surprised at the combined creatively and activity involved. Take a look here to our responses to some of your inquisitive questions:

iphone photographer
1. What camera should I use on a tour like this? 

Body SLR or compact digital camera with:

  • Wide-angle lens

  • Laptop (for selecting images)

  • Tripod 

     You can use an iPhone as well!


2.  Do I need to be a photographer to take a photo tour? 
All you need is the passion and interest in travel and photography. Ossian Lindholm, our expert photography teacherwill share his knowledge, answer your questions about the camera, teach you the best photographic techniques and help you to become a better photographer by the end of the trip.
3. What photography skills do I need to join this tour? 
No experience with photography is needed. The passion for traveling, exploring nature, wildlife and capturing the beautiful moments on your
camera is all you need. 
4. What is a typical day like on a photo tour?
Here is an example of typical day on our Argentina Vision and Vine tour:

The dunes at sunrise await our camera lenses and creative eye, now fine-tuned thanks to Ossian’s experienced teaching and sensitive eye. After breakfast there is a power point lesson customized around each “student’s” interests and we spend a bit of time reviewing our photographic creations with Ossian. There’s a multi-course asado (Argentinian BBQ) in Estancia Chimpa followed by folkloric surprisesIn the late afternoon, when the light is perfect, hike in La Yesera to photograph this magnificent ancient canyon with colors, shapes, textures & formations that tell millions of years of the geologic history of this ancient lake that was uplifted and transformed by the Andes. Before dinner, stroll through the village of Cafayate where you can purchase traditional handicrafts or simply enjoy a lovely stroll around the lively main plaza, the hub of life in every Argentinian village. 

 Group Foto Tours

5. What will I get out of a photo tour? 
At the end of the trip you will gain new photographic techniques and will love more your camera. Highlights on each of our trips are: sunrise and sunset photo sessions, daily photography powerpoint instruction at our boutique hotels and abundant photo opportunities throughout the day, bird watching and beautiful scenery, delicious and traditional food, immersion into the local culture and good camaraderie.
6. How many guests are on tour?
Typically it is 6-12 people in a group.
7. Do you have a professional photographer on this tour? 
Yes! His name is Ossian Lindholm and he is present on most of our tours. Check out his profile over here.
8. What type of accommodations do your provide on photo tours? 
On most of our photo tours the accommodations are boutique or luxury hotels and (luxury tented) campsRead more about trip hotels here.
9. Are meals included in this tour? 
Most of the meals are included. On some tours–especially when in wine producing regions–we include several wine tastings.
10. What is the biggest advantage to taking a photo tour with TVJ?
Years of combined experience available to you on every trip: Lauren Hefferon who has been cycling the globe for decades with a camera strapped around her neck and Ossian Lindholm brings in the professional, technical and skill aspect to help you think more about creating beautiful images; what you like personally and how to develop your own unique style. It's not just about making pretty pictures!
Our guides are native or expert to the routes they lead. This means that they can immerse you in your journey – introducing you to people, places, and flavors that many of the locals have never even experienced! Our guides consistently receive “10 out of 10” on guest evaluations. Without a doubt, they are the #1 reason our guests come back to travel with us year after year.
And, well, honestly...we like to have fun!
To read more about the thrills of joining a photography tour, check out Lauren Hefferon's article:

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Written by Carol Sicbaldi

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